Nike Football (Soccer)

Nike Football (Soccer)

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Jogo Prismático⁠ ⠀⁠ It’s the explosive speed of Mercurial.⁠ It’s the joyful creativity of the beautiful game.⁠ ⠀⁠ Introducing the Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor 13 Jogo Prismático, a celebration of NJR’s prismatic personality and a spectrum of brilliant color.⁠ ⠀⁠ Available online beginning today, visit our site to shop.⁠ 🌍: 9am CET⁠ 🇺🇸: 7am PDT⁠ ⠀⁠ #jogoprismatico #neymarjr #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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Past classic. Future touch. ⠀ The Future DNA series links up legendary colorways with modern tech to create 4 limited edition mashups. ⠀ For the final installment, the Tiempo Legend IV from 2011 meets the Tiempo Legend 8 from today to create the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 ‘Future DNA’ ⏳👀 ⠀ Available 🔜 🌎: 9am CET today (🇺🇸: 7am PDT) ⠀ Use the bio 🔗 to check availability in your area and shop. ⠀ #futurefriday #tiempo #tiempolegend #futuredna #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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Past classic. Future finishing. ⠀ The Future DNA series links up legendary colorways with modern tech to create 4 limited edition mashups. ⠀ The third entry remembers the Total 90s, crossing the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II from 2002 with the tech of the Phantom Venom to create the Nike Phantom Venom ‘Future DNA T90’ ⚫️⚪️🎯 ⠀ Available 🔜 9am CET today (7am PDT in 🇺🇸)! Hit our 🔗 in bio to check availability in your area. ⠀ #futurefriday #total90 #t90 #phantomvnm #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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Past classic. Future speed. ⠀ The Future DNA series links up legendary colorways with modern tech to create 4 limited edition mashups. ⠀ For chapter 2, the original Mercurial Superfly from 2009 meets the Mercurial Vapor 13 to make the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 ‘Future DNA’ 🔴⚡️⚪️ ⠀ Available beginning at 9am CET today (7am PDT in 🇺🇸), click our 🔗 in bio to check availability in your area. ⠀ Any guesses on chapter 3? ⠀ #futurefriday #mercurial #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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A decade of domestic dominance. ⠀ After lifting 9 trophies in our 10 years of partnership, @zenit_spb are just getting started. #fczenit #nikefootball  #nikesoccer  #nike  #football  #soccer

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Speed they’ll see coming, but can’t stop. ⠀ The new Mercurial puts defenders on alert🚨 ⠀ Whether your go-to is the Superfly or the Vapor, get your hands on these new boots while they're still hot🔥 ⠀ #mercurial #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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Past classic. Future precision. ⠀ The Future DNA series links up legendary colorways with modern tech to create 4 limited edition mashups. ⠀ First up: the 2013 Hypervenom meets the Phantom Vision 2 to make the Nike Phantom Vision 2 ‘Future DNA Hypervenom’ 🎯🔶🔥 ⠀ Catch them on the feet of rising stars like @kaihavertz29 and @stanwaygeorgia and keep an eye out for the next future classic. We’re dropping one every Friday in March. ⠀ Available beginning at 9am CET today, click our link in bio to check availability in your area. What’s next? ⏳ ⠀ #futurefriday #phantomvsn #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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“Football has the power to unite people.” 🌎🤝 ⠀ Those are the words of @hackneywickfc founder Bobby Kasanga, and we couldn’t agree more. ⠀ In an area of London that has faced challenges from both gang violence and gentrification, football has brought the neighborhood together. Through football, Bobby says, those differences are forgotten when everyone is on the pitch working and playing together. And for Bobby himself, the club was a turning point for his own life. ⠀ “Five years ago I was in prison, and no one actually believed this would ever happen, but I tried to change the narrative,” Bobby says. “And now everyone's behind us. People are buying our shirts and jerseys all over the world. It's crazy, it's unbelievable.” ⠀ Click our 🔗 in bio to read more and head to our IGTV to watch the first episode of “From the Grounds up,” our new series on football’s local heroes. ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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⠀ ⠀ After being released from prison in 2015, Bobby Kasanga decided to change his life and his community through football. ⠀ “I wanted to keep the kids off the streets, keep them occupied, and give them a path,” Bobby says. So he gave his community something it never had before: its own football club. ⠀ Bobby founded Hackney Wick FC with the help and support of Hackney’s residents. The club has grown from one men’s team, to nearly two dozen teams for men, women and youth in less than five years. The club played its first-ever FA Cup game last season. ⠀ “Football is my passion, it’s my world,” says Bobby. “And we’ve only been going for four years. What more can we achieve? What more can we produce? What other players can we have here?” ⠀ Watch Episode 1 of our new series, “From the Grounds Up,” about the people creating community change through football on IGTV. ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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Natural synergy. ⠀ For those who are on the same wavelength on and off the pitch, the Mercurial and Phantom ‘Wavelength’ boots are available on our site beginning today. ⠀ To be worn by: @tammyabraham1 & @masonmount10 @graham95 & @mariona8co ⠀ You already know where to go to get them… 🔗👀 ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #mercurial #phantom #nike #football #soccer #chelseafc #fcbarcelona

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“Last summer was historical,” says @andressaalves9oficial, the first Brazilian to play for @fcbfemeni and currently, @asromawomen. “It changed Brazil and the way the whole world sees women’s football.” ⠀ For many young girls in Brazil, the tournament was the first time they’d seen women playing football. And in the months following, support for the women’s game has continued. A number of club and international friendlies have set new attendance records, including a @corinthiansfutebolfeminino match in São Paulo last November. Andressa says this visibility needs to continue for the sport to grow. ⠀ “Through me and other players, girls who are in Brazil can feel this dream,” she says. “We know we need to keep on fighting and that people need to keep watching women’s football.” ⠀ This is Ripple Effect. Click our link in bio to read more or watch the full film on IGTV. ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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⠀ ⠀ “We waited all our lives for the stadium to be full.” - @andressaalves9oficial ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Support for women’s football has grown globally—and significantly—in the months following last summer’s tournament, which was broadcast for the first time on national television in Brazil. The result? On November 16, 2019, @corinthiansfutebolfeminino set a record attendance for women’s club football in Brazil when they played in the men’s stadium— a first for the team. ⠀ For players like @adrianasilvaoficial_016, and the young girls in São Paulo and across the globe, last summer’s tournament marked a turning point for women’s football. The challenge now, Adriana says, is to keep the momentum going. ⠀ “You can't ever give up because the willpower is what leads to change, it’s what's going to break all barriers.” ⠀ This is Ripple Effect. Watch on IGTV. ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nikefutebol #nike #football #soccer #futebol