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Neqsa Cafe

@neqsacafe Neighbors. Friends. Neqsa. For order : +965 50993977

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32    1    22 days ago

Isn’t it time for our friday zwara’s ? check out neqsa for their amazing sweets and coffee to share with the family! #familytime #friday #sweets #coffee

52    0    26 days ago

The best way to make someone’s day is coffee! 💕 #coffee #cafelife #coffeeoftheday #instacoffee


47    1    27 days ago

Nothing makes me smile more than coffee ☕️ #coffee #kuwait #smile #mondaymood

31    0    1 month ago

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. #coffee #kuwait #latte

41    0    1 month ago

Adventure in life is good, consistency in coffee even better!

38    1    1 month ago

Coffee is always a good idea! Comment ❤️ if you agree! #cafe #kuwait #coffee #latte


37    0    1 month ago

Let’s spend our November with a new Neqsa! 💕

67    2    2 months ago

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83    3    3 months ago

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