Monica 🖤

Monica 🖤

@monicadenise Mother of @romelohill @laiyahbrown & @rockohill 🖤CEO of MonDeeniseMusic 🖤Founder of @thebehumanfoundation

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If I’m a reflection of you, I can always be proud of what I see!! Momma , I Love You!! Thank you for standing for me❣️My Mom believed that because I loved children & I constantly signed my name that I would be a pediatrician!! This is as close as I’ve come to being Dr.Monica LOL.... I’m happy it was for the good I’ve done outside of music that I received this honor... ❣️Photos: @cyndiibee_

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The Works we do should not only make us better, but those amongst us should become better as well!! ❣️


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A Moment of Complete Gratefulness❣️I received an Honorary Doctrine from Global International Alliance.. This Doctrine acknowledges my Humanitarian Efforts & that means a tremendous amount to me especially since establishing @thebehumanfoundation ... Thank you for thinking of & acknowledging me!

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Sunday Service Blessed us in a major way!!! Thank you @tylerperry for being a vessel & using your platform !! @bishopjakes Fresh Start spoke directly to the heart ❤️ Photo: @cyndiibee_ Hat: @eugeniakimnyc Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim

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Me when they tell me what I can’t do!! I’ve never believed things were impossible because our mother taught us we were capable of ALL things! Only right I take the First Lady (of St Marks) to TP Sunday Service!! I AM because of HER♥️ #Almost70SlayingAndPraying #Momma #ShesFreshFacedInAbadSuit LOL #QUEEN

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Principles & Purpose ..... I stand on my Principles & walk in my Purpose ♥️ Hat: @eugeniakimnyc

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Undeniably a moment in time we shall all remember !! Imagine that , became Imagine THIS... seeing our people honored in such an impactful way will always be a memory I cherish... Job well done TP❤️


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Some spirits simply connect !! @mslynnwhitfield & her ravishing daughter @thegracegibson

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A legend told me, my legacy is LOVE ❤️ So I will spread it & Lead with it... Hair: @tailormade76 Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Photo: @cyndiibee_ Dress: @alexandrevauthier ❤️

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When you walk it like you talk it things align themselves !!! Thank you for giving our children an example that looks like & grew up like them ! @tylerperry

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When Before You Walk is your favorite song!!!! TP held the low note downnn... What a blessing to have my Mom with me to share in this🖤

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Tonight we Honor a Man that’s been a friend & inspiration to many of us 🖤 @tylerperry Thank you for your spirit