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I spent several years in Pakistan documenting the daily life of Afghan refugees and internally displaced Pakistanis. Through the years you become part of their landscape, invisible and able to show a window of their challenges and life. Tending to her child, an internally displaced Pakistani woman. #muhammedmuheisen #everydayrefugees

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Yesterday in Cape Sounion, Greece. It is always a special moment for me to watch and photograph the moon as it rose above the columns of the ancient marble Temple of Poseidon, built in 444 B.C. #muhammedmuheisen #greece #liveforthestory


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Happy International Cat Day! Last year I spent time on the world’s only floating animal sanctuary while on assignment for @natgeo in Amsterdam. De Poezenboot Dutch for “the catboat” hosts around 50 stray and abandoned cats, 17 of which are permanent residents that have lived on the boat for several years. Day after day, you become part of their environment; you're just another big cat to them. #muhammedmuheisen #internationalcatday #liveforthestory

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Temple of Poseidon, the sea and the sunset, Greece. #muhammedmuheisen #greece

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My thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives were affected by the devastating wildfires that hit Mati and other parts of Greece last year. #muhammedmuheisen

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During a meeting with H.E. Mrs. Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan. #muhammedmuheisen #lovejo

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From the lowest exposed land on Earth, the Dead Sea in Jordan. #muhammedmuheisen @visitjordan #lovejo #liveforthestory


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A colorful alley in downtown Athens, Greece, caught my eyes as I roamed the streets, capturing daily life. #muhammedmuheisen #liveforthestory

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Many congratulations @kyriakos_ on becoming the Prime Minister of Greece. #muhammedmuheisen

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Being on the other side of the camera is intimidating! Manar is a young Syrian refugee girl who was happy to photograph me in front of her portrait while visiting the exhibition. #muhammedmuheisen #everydayrefugees

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Soon for the first time in Amman, Jordan. “Our World” my photo exhibition, stay tuned. #muhammedmuheisen #lovejo @visitjordan

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Looking forward to my talk @tedxunic “For me it is so important to focus on the most vulnerable ones, the children, and to tell their stories to the world," - Muhammed Muheisen (interview with UNICEF) ANNOUNCEMENT OF SPEAKER TEDxUniversityofNicosia Unbelievable Muhammed Muheisen is a world-renowned photographer. He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, a National Geographic Photographer and a Global Ambassador for the Jordan Tourism Board, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Canon. Muheisen is also TIME Magazine Best Wire Photographer, 2013. Muheisen is a Jordanian national who was born in Jerusalem in 1981. He holds a Journalism and Political Science degree and has been documenting major global events for almost 20 years. For over a decade he has been documenting refugee crises around the world and has founded the Everyday Refugees Foundation. #muhammedmuheisen #tedxunic