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Speaking of Fall... more @miloanthonyventimiglia for @gio_journal in the worlds most perfect @eidos shearling leather jacket 🍁🍃. Horse not styled by yours truly but I do appreciate the well coordinated harness ;) 🐴 📸: @johnrussophoto


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Repost @hollywoodreporter - Chris Evans styled by yours truly. Also, #sweaterweatherdreams🍁

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A HUGE congrats to these two amazing happy sweet humans!!!! And thank you to @ralphlauren for the threads on @therock 🕊

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I posted this letter once before, but last night I stayed up with my girl friends laughing around the kitchen table until 3am and at one point I read them this amazing letter by Wild author @cherylstrayed to her younger self because, well, pretty sure everyone needs to hear these words sometimes.... and we all just bawled while stuffing our faces with organic chicken nuggets. So yea. Life is good. @yoliemasterson @florianalima I love you guys to pieces. Let’s do this until we are old and dead in the ground.

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Not exactly our Friday night these days but I wouldn’t trade it 🤰🏼👶🏻👧🏻 💗💗💗 @therealjohnnyhunt #FBF

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FBF Bill Skarsgard aka #Pennywise for the #IT premiere 🤡 styled by yours truly in @prada. Who’s excited for Chapter Two?? 🎈


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Throwback collage time! @ArmieHammer in some of my favorite looks we have done over the many (10 years!) we’ve worked together... in between his running away from me begging for the fitting to end or putting shoes on his head instead of his feet, we’ve made some sartorial magic happen 🌟 (Tap for credits on the ones I could remember...)

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Love this shot of @kellybellyboom in our @RootsofFight x Ilaria Urbinati & @TheRealJohnnyHunt collab jacket and hoodie 🔥 #muaythaigirls (and 👋🏻 👋🏻 to one of my fave clients @joelkinnaman :)

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This is 😂- someone just tagged me in this ancient shoot I was in for this Young Hollywood feature in ELLE GIRL back in the day. It was all “Scene 1: The Actors”, “Scene 2: The Cool Kids”, “Scene 3 The Rockers”. 😂😂 no idea how I ended up on the Cool Kids page but hey I’ll take it...! Speaking of cool, this was right after I had seen The Notebook and ran out and dyed my hair strawberry blonde just like Allie’s 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤓🤓 so there’s that.

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Just came across this. Still one of my favorite outfits ever. @ramimalek styled by yours truly during Bohemian press. 👑

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Marianne Williamson 2020.... Been doing a lot of research on the candidates now that I’ve finally found the time to take a deep dive into each one. I don’t always share the same politics as others. In a time of very extreme division and very extreme views in either direction, I usually find my own truth lies somewhere in the middle. I believe in healthy dialogue and open discussion, which these days feels sadly impossible. I don’t believe in social media witch hunts, soap boxes, or self righteousness. I don’t believe in media sensationalism. I am not a fan of “outrage culture” or “call out culture” and I like to pick my battles. So it’s important to me to do my own research and figure out which candidates match my own views. I believe in the best person for the job despite sex, age or race. I won’t vote for someone just because he’s a man or just because she’s a woman. First up (for me), I won’t get behind any politician who is in bed with or taking money from Big Pharma. That narrows things way down. I also believe in an economy that incentivizes people to work hard and incentivizes businesses to create more jobs. I know that’s vague but I’ll leave it at that on here. There are endless issues that are important to me such as immigration, green economy, the guns issue, and so on and I choose to keep my very specific opinions on all of them out of social media. That’s as specific as I’ll get for now. But after doing a lot of reading and research, my favorite is @MarianneWilliamson, followed by @juliancastrotx. There’s always more studying to do and a long road ahead, so hopefully they will stay in the running long enough to get to see what they really have to offer. As always, curious to hear your thoughts in the comments as long as it’s done in a constructive and decent manner.