stokes, chase here i am

stokes, chase here i am

@hichasestokes aw shut...

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When Rainn almost adds you to his IG live. Also, this is an old pic. Sitting at home eating cheez-its right now.

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Today was good. Love u guys. ❤️ also turtles are cool.

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I’m so grateful for, and inspired by America’s veterans, which is why I’m participating in a Memorial Day special, The National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall airing nationwide this #MemorialDay

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Deactivating black eye

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Like to call this the decapitation quarters. Or a fat near miss.

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Yo yo! Fun announcement time. I am so pumped to tell you guys that I am an Ambassador for the work of Bring Change 2 Mind! If you’re not aware, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Claim the frame by texting your photo to 41785. We are conditioned to want to be normal. The truth is, all of us are different And that’s okay because there is no “normal.” So don't filter yourself. And if you need help, give me a shout or connect with someone you trust. Remember, there is #NoNormal (Link in bio)

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Jonas: So there was this shark and it was like RAHH Me: wait wut.

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Our reaction always to JD & Toot on the Pogue.