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1. Respect 2. Loyalty 3. Humbleness 4. Authenticity 5. Being a Hunnid💯. These are the 5 things you really cared about and if somebody didn’t possess these traits you could’ve fw them. That’s why you only had real ones on your team. These 5 things are traits you possessed as well and goes to show a reason you were successful and self made. 💙🏁 #nipseyhussle #realman

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FOREVER ETERNAL ♾ 💙 Tag your FOREVER‼️ @thegoddessreport #thegoddessreport

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Never mind my title, I’m the up and coming Michael, All I got is ice on, skinny as a rifle, still my pockets fat, nigga, bitches need some lipos.

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Nobody can tell me that Lauren London isn’t one of the strongest that we have ever seen. To get in front of a crowd 11 days after her soulmates passing and stand 10 toes down. To be a private person but still post and tweet messages and pictures to let people know she’s okay. To look at her son and step-daughter and tell them their daddy isn’t in this lifetime anymore. She felt it all. She experienced it all. Grief. Pain. Tears. Heartache. At night-time not feeling his back against hers. People are expecting so much out of her but she’s not living for anyone but her kids , family and herself. she deserves all the time in the world. she deserves all the happiness in the world. she deserves everything they said she couldn’t have. God bless my future friend w/ understand, peace and love 💙. #laurenlondon #atpeace

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Best hype man ever💙‼️

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“On a mission your worst enemy is idle time.” — #NipseyHussle 💙🏁 #HHUCIT

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Heavy is the head that wears a crown. King Ermias. King Asghedom. King Nipsey. King Hussle. He wore all the titles. Greatest to do it. No one like him. You will live on Forever King 👑.

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Hussle and Boog fa life💙🤞🏽

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Honestly this song reminds me of Lauren and Nipsey. no matter how much time goes by that heartache will still be there. she’s always going to miss him until they meet again. She’s strong, she has a strong mentality and has a strong family that supports her and are going through it with her. I know her pain, I feel her pain. I understand her pain. The pain of missing him, the pain of waking up in the middle of the night and not feeling him beside her. The tears, the flashbacks, the kids, all the reminders of him. I could name a million another things but the one factor that will be above everything is love, through all the pain, Love conquers it all. These memories are going to last forever. Their love is going to last forever. The legacy is going to last forever. Lauren and Nipsey are forever ♾🕊🏁 #nipseyhussle #laurenlondon