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Hasan Salihamidžić: "When you see Alphonso playing, it is amazing how confident he appears. With his pace, drive and enthusiasm, he does the team very good. The coach also sees it that way." . Salihamidžić: "Everyone at the stadium is happy with his style of play and his performances. We are happy that he makes so few mistakes, which a young player is expected to do." . Salihamidžić: "Alphonso learns quickly, he knows what he is doing, where he comes from. I am confident that he will remain on the ground with both feet and will continue to work hard." . Salihamidžić: "We talk to Alphonso everyday. I often try to explain to him what it means to play for Bayern: that he has to focus on each game, that he has to find the rhythm of every game. He played a lot of very good games now, but we as a team are far from reaching our goal." [Bild] #MiaSanMia 🔴⚪



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Copa do Brasil I Jogo 13 Rio Branco 3x0 Botafogo Cariacica 🌕 78° 58% palpites ✅ Zebra, zebra, pura zebra. O nível do Botafogo era altíssimo em números e do Rio Branco meio baixo. Dentro de campo, Botafogo tocou, pintou e bordou, só não marcou gols. Rio Branco jogou modestamente e estufou a rede 3 vezes. Mega zebra!!! #futeboldebotao #copa #brasil #copadobrasil #futebol #botao #botafogo #riobranco #espiritosanto #cariacica #football #footballmanager #tablesoccer #soccer #futeboldemesa #fútbol #fútboldemesa #fifa #stats #championshipmanager #scoreboard #fussball

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Free Trial session✅ New recruit ✅ ➡️Today’s session ✔️Pre Hab ✔️Rondo ✔️Positional Game ✔️SSP: Situations, Simulations and Preferentials These boys are in the Cognitive Stage (Ages: 12-16) This is the period of assimilation of concepts of the player. Our role in this stage is to teach the game to the player through concepts and fundamentals in order for the player to make good decisions and have the criteria of the game. To dominate the ball and the ball does not dominate you is key 🔑 to the formation of the player. MM

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Love a good old game with mates

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