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My 8 year old drew this for me and my girlfriend ready for @greenday in the upcoming #hellamegatour in June!! 😍❤️ She says her favourite song is on the top! "21 guns" #greenday #hellamegatour #loveher


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Billie Joe and his dildo

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Whoop whoop my transfers have arrived so I can make my very own t shirt for Hella Mega tour 🤘🏻🤘🏻can’t wait #hellamegatour #rockingwithfriends

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If you stay content with yourself happiness will follow🙌 well, what I say to that, is that it's full of shit. If your living in a life where everything is difficult, then it'll be hard to stay content with yourselves. I think that personally I don't have a easy life, well it's the same for everyone isn't it? 🤷 But yeah I don't, cause being a girl with Autism, it can be difficult to live everyday thinking your useless and just not fit for certain things🤦 which I'm not gonna lie, It hurt but "that's life".. Cutting a long story short, when I first got hired for my job! I didn't tell my boss anything about my condition ( AUTISM ) because I felt like, I would've gotten discriminated and he wouldn't have hired me, for that particular purpose but, In saying that my point is that life can be rough in places and it's very hard to stay happy. There's an old saying, which says "you only make it hard, if you believe it" that's what I always got told growing up, but I say, yeah fucken whatever🤦 no ones lives are perfect, where dreams come true and there is instant happiness. THAT'S A LIE and ITS FULL OF SHIT!!! 🙌 . . ✨ Mention; ✨ @blvd.of.brain.stew @idiot_amanda 🙈💗 Love ya both 😘💕 . . ✨ Tags; ✨ #foamf #greenday #herestoanewera #fathertoall #fuckthisshit #hellamegatour #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #trecool #mikedirnt #goldentrio #billiejoearmstrongpictures #trecoolrules #2019 #2020 #mikedirntisperfect #americanidiot #21stcenturybreakdown #unodostre #nimrod #39smoothed #kerplunk #insomniac #greendayisback #greendayismylife #foreverandalways #imbilliejoeswhore

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HAPPY GREEN DAY DAY! PT.TRE! GODS FAVORITE BAND RULES! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 @greenday @billiejoearmstrong @mikedirnt @trecool @hellamegatour @gda #greenday #hellamegatour #hellamega #fatherofall #fatherofallmotherfuckers

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Happy Green Day day y’all. (Made by @oaklandcoffee )

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This was hard, but at number 6, we have The Black Album. This may be a shock to some, but I think the black album is a nice addition in the Weezer discography. I think one major complaint others have is that it’s not really the “dark” album Weezer was advertising for years, and I can understand that. But still, I think the black album is a very good album, with really only one weak track. Did I mention this album is also experimental to the core? Can’t Knock The Hustle, High As A Kite, I’m Just Being Honest, Too Many Thoughts In My Head, Byzantine, and California Snow are probably the most experimental Weezer has been since the red album, and maybe the most experimental they’ve been their entire career. This album will become much more appreciated as time passes, I feel. Also, Too Many Thoughts In My Head is such a great song. I feel like it’s truly the turning point of the narrative that the Black Album is trying to tell regarding Rivers’ experience with his use of spreadsheets to song-write, suffocating him and his real thoughts. Overall, very solid album. The production on every song is phenomenal, including the track The Prince Who Wanted Everything, which is this albums weakest moment, but I feel like the production saves it. Songs that stand out (aside from the whole album as none of theses songs are much similar to anything else Weezer has put out) are CKTH, High As A Kite (!!!!), I’m Just Being Honest, Too Many Thoughts In My Head (!!!!!!!!), Byzantine (!!!!!) and the controversial CALIFORNIA SNOW (!!!!), which is a great closer and probably one of the best Weezer songs of the decade. The Black Album is an 8.5/10. I’d love it if OK Human continued the piano based approach this album took. Good stuff. - - - #weezer #riverscuomo #hellamegatour #brianbell #mattsharp #music #rock #altrock #poprock #blue #pinkerton #bluealbum #green #greenalbum #maladroit #makebelieve #red #redalbum #hurley #ewbaite #everythingwillbealrightintheend #white #whitealbum #pacificdaydream #teal #tealalbum #black #blackalbum #vanweezer #grunge