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Grace Ekirapa

@graceekirapa Hidden in Christ. Get to Christ and you will get to Me. Minister of the word, Tv host, Psychologist/counselor, Corporate Mc

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Women who allowed their vulnerability to be the strong point for other women. I celebrate the amazing women @ythesyaar @akyula1 @sunnylikenjerii @jojobean__ for being phenomenal.

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Super excited about this. Amazing conversations on why you need to ride the wave and not let it carry you.


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Coming Soon❤️❤️❤️❤️ @juliet.ekirapa @tushlyne . . . #theekirapas

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When all my babys come home to celebrate one of their sisters but it’s still a time for vocal show off 😊😊😊 @erenahmusiq @julie_sony @_msooh @kendi_suzanne . Shout out to our video person or the girl behind the camera @merabykimani and the others who left early like @mercysteph Happy Birthday Keshi We Love You

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In the search of meaning, I found Me and I stopped searching simply because, I found everything i need to get meaning. Sometimes, all you need is what you’ve got.

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A lot of times we remain stuck in things just because we have tried everything in our power to get out. In such times, God comes in and causes the winds to blow and more often than not, it’s uncomfortable, your own roof could be carried off and you will remain feeling vulnerable and lost but remain focused on God because as He is allowing the winds to blow, He is basically carrying every memory, every plan and attachment you have with the thing. It is Wise to remain in Him and allow Him to replace the roof and everything else that was taken away because it is for your Good. Dear God, as you blow your wind my way, help me to hold on to the word that everything will work for my good. Lovely week ahead. God bless

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Shout out to @misskerre for the gorgeous outfits. Three days in a row without fail. Third outfit on my previous post😊😊


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Thanks for always tuning in and making #Crossover101 your favorite gospel show 🤗

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Good morning and welcome to the number 1 gospel show #Crossover101 - We have a great show lined up for you with some great music to play as well. Where are you watching us from? My whole outfit from @misskerre and @misskerreshoesandbags

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If I would have wanted to have it my way, I would have had it all but it would not be worth it. I’ll wait for my turn. #inthesilenceibirthed Photo credits @djmokenya

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The month has started for me😍😍 five little people around me❤️

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That was a dope show. Thanks to all who tuned in - Have a blessed week ahead #CrossoverRequestShow.