Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

@gigihadid ⚁⚂ xx 🧿🕊 [intoku] IMG Models Worldwide. twitter: gigihadid. 📷 @gisposable !!!

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From UNICEF field visits to your first PFW show as a designer, you are a constant source of inspiration, creativity, and joy to so many. I am lucky to have a friend like you and proud to watch your star rise @austyn !!!!!!! The Vincent to my Julian ! Wishing you the greatest year 🌞 HAPPY BIRTHDAY STYNNIE love you long time


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Happy happy happy Birthday to sunshine and charisma personified @gabriellak_j I am proud and lucky to call you my friend⚡️ Smart, hilarious, joy-inducing, and mega stylish ! You are one of a kind and loved more than you know 🌼 you deserve it alllllllllllllllll 🥂🥂🥂🥂

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last night 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️ @patrickta files 🧚‍♂️

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Stepping into @badgalriri’s @savagexfenty world is a celebration of every body, story, style, and personality, and I am so happy that millions of humans get to watch this show and know that they are beautiful for everything they encompass. Being a part of this opening section was an honor. THANK YOU RIH, we bow down. 👑❤️ Catch it now if you haven’t already or for the tenth time !! on @amazonprime #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW

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Wishing the HAPPIEST 23rd year around the sun to my custom bestie sweet sissy @bellahadid 🌼 Your big heart and contagious light bless every life you touch. I’m lucky and grateful to do it all with you. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS 🧁🥂🥂🥂 B. DAY celebrations continue !!! 🥂🥂

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Dankeschön @voguegermany ❤️ November by @giampaolosgura ❤️ According to the Twitterverse, this is my 35th Vogue cover ?!! 🤯 and this week, there are 50 million of YOU to thank for your continued love and support. Absolutely surreal. Endless gratitude for every opportunity, and for all the creatives I get to work with on a daily basis who bless and inspire my life. Every cover and image is a snapshot in my head of the incredible friendships and memories behind the scenes.

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So grateful to have been a part of @carineroitfeld’s curated show of @karllagerfeld’s classic white shirt, re-imagined- #TributeToKarl. Creating while channeling our beloved Karl for this project was an honor and joy, and I had so much fun seeing everyone’s take on the shirt last week. He would have loved being remembered this way. For those of you who have asked or are interested, the concept of my shirt is inspired by polaroids I took of Karl. The back is a painted and stitched version of an image I shot of him in Paris, and on the front I attached a Polaroid of Karl’s suit and accessories that I shot in Milan, both in 2017. I always loved the details in Karl’s outfits and studied them whenever I could. He sometimes wore suits with staples on the collar and shoulders, so I added staples to the collar and to fasten the short sleeves of the shirt. I will be forever grateful for the times he let me shoot him. He was supportive of my creative side which gave me so much confidence. It felt natural to incorporate that into the shirt. Made with Love ❤️xG

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Grateful to close out this month with @miumiu 💕 so much love for #miucciaprada @kegrand @bitton @zambishot

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Fashion Month film coming soon to @gisposable !

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spent my last morning of fashion month walking the beautiful Parisian @chanelofficial rooftops ☁️ merci beaucoup @virginieviard @amandaharlech & the whole team. always an honor 🖤 x