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‘Rushing Back’ out Sept 25 @verabluemusic // presave in bio

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New store is up today: flu.me/Store


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It was a joke (sorry mum) 🍑

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Asia tour complete, had so much fun ✨Till next time!! @myfriendpaige

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When I told her it was world orangutan day 🧡 👩‍🦰@verabluemusic

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New show new me. Osaka ❤️


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Always a pleasure to run into my boi @peacefuldeerguy27. Every time we see each other it’s like no time has passed. Hate that you jet out but I’ll never forget our time in Osaka. #love #feeding #you #crackers

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200,000 likes and this chonky raccoon gets a cracker #seoul #korea #chonkalicious

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A more open source culture of creativity…wanted to put these out in the world and see what comes back - download a sound, create something, upload it with the hashtag #flumesounds flu.me/Sounds

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@outsidelands you were the best. I love you all. PS my chia pet died while I was away :-(