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What happens when Hollywood’s best and brightest show up to #ELLEWIH? A lip sync moment, of course. 🎶 ⁣ ⁣ Starring @indyamoore @janetmock @stormreid @zoeydeutch @bensplatt @ninagarcia @dianasilverss @joeyking @rahne_jones @nikkireed @madelame @tessholliday @ourladyj @kaykaycannon @rachelzoe @sarafoster @melanieliburd@adriaarjona ⁣ Song: “I’m Every Woman” by @chakaikhan ⁣ Director & Photographer: @tylerjoe⁣ Supervising Producer: @angellenise⁣ Producer: @la_hampton⁣ Cinematographer: @dwyski⁣ Camera Operator: @phhvvtt⁣ AC: @matthewleonardleeb⁣ PA: Ray Adornetto⁣ PA: @filmafreaux ⁣ Production Designer: @aballatore ⁣ Assistant to Production Designer: Sebastian Bordigoni⁣ Video Editor: @tylerjoe⁣ Animator & Designer: @alinapetrichyn


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Last night, @mindykaling shared some of the challenges of single motherhood at #ELLEWIH: “I am a single mom and I don’t know if I recommend it—no, no, I recommend it, it’s great. But the only way I am able to have a career or be here tonight or hell, even go to the bathroom in privacy in my own house, is because I have a nanny. So shout out to the nannies tonight. My daughter is almost two years old, and she is so smart and so adorable, so I say this with love, but it is like living with the Joker. I'm not gonna get into it with the face paint. I cannot keep up with my daughter's moods, so I am lucky to have the resources that so many American women do not, and for that I am very grateful. I am grateful for the people in my life who are helping me raise her. My dad, my stepmom, and my friends...And also to Batman, who will eventually have to deal with her, so thank you.” Link in bio. 📸: @tylerjoe

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An unforgettable night! Congratulations to our 26th annual #ELLEWIH honorees. And thank you to our sponsors @ralphlauren, @lexususa, and @laurentperrierrose 🌟


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In this house, we love LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️ #ELLEWIH

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Honoree #ScarlettJohansson giving us #BlackWidow vibes on the #ELLEWIH red carpet 🕷💥

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“I hope that equality goes in the direction of men being held to the same standards that women are held to. That alongside talent, kindness, respect, and being easy to work with are valued as essential characteristics to getting hired. And that truly bad behavior prevents you from getting another job. And that when the offense is forgivable, when the post-mistake learning is real, people of all genders get the second chance that men currently do. So, our job in this room as leaders in our industry is fuck up. The most powerful example we can set for the next generation would be for us to do that most human of things, make mistakes and then not follow the narrative of the doomed woman or the fallen women or the destroyed woman. Go out post-mistake and succeed wildly. So fuck up and thrive sisters.” @natalieportman delivered a moving speech on equality at last night’s #ELLEWIH event. Link in bio for the full transcript.

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#ELLEWIH honoree @nicolekidman and presenter @margotrobbie looking stunning in @ralphlauren 🖤🖤🖤