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i look like a white guy named nathan who only has black friends. anyways, vacation’s going swell. 🥴

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on a needed vacation, surrounded by love. 🧡

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found this video of me from when i first started doing verses. i don’t know why, but this immediately brought me to tears. i had my eyes closed cuz i wanted to deliver these manifestations without distractions. i was 20 then, writing every night, hoping it would work out. and it has. thanks for supporting me. i’m eternally grateful.

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lol these are the moments i live for. i was the graduate everyone worried about and the dropout people gave wild looks to. follow ya dreams, kiddos.

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this is what i was up to senior year. purposely ruining lifelong memories. what a time & how far we’ve come. tune in tonight at 8PM to celebrate the class of 2020 who clearly deserve to graduate in style far more than i did. 😂 i’ll be performing CROWN live 👑 thanks to @graduatetogether, @xqamerica & @kingjames for putting on for the kids.

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i forgot what day of quarantine we’re on

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stole this from my sister cuz i couldn’t find recent pics 🥺 happy mothers day to the reason i’m a headass.

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y’all already know her freeloading ass ain’t get me a damn gift. smh. hApPy mOtHeR’s dAy. 🥴

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i didn’t say videos aren’t important, i said put them somewhere else so the public can seek it out. don’t continuously traumatize the black community with videos of our people being killed to prove a point to white people who don’t give a fuck. stop using this boy’s name in vain like they didn’t JUST reopen this case. with all the video evidence in the world, this shit still happens and doesn’t deter anyone who has the twisted heart to murder in the first place. listen instead of arguing the inexcusable. also, fuck outta my DMs.

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i’m tired. also, stop circulating videos of black people being abused and killed. y’all are insensitive as fuck.

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imagine raising a child and they look at you like this. wow.