Chad Oklin-jolin

Chad Oklin-jolin

@chadoj Smile. It's really that simple!

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119    5    5 months ago

Congrats to this man on graduating! Never met someone who deserved a diploma more.


160    5    1 year ago

Still doing the same thing, and still loving every second of it. #ksjs #gradpics

86    3    2 years ago

The end of an era! Pictures: 2-1-18 –> 12-16-14.

134    1    2 years ago

Hockey is back, and I couldn't be happier!

74    0    2 years ago

Had a great weekend celebrating with @spencerladd13 for his graduation! Stoked for what's next buddy!


50    1    2 years ago

It's great to be home, and up early for views like this.

115    2    3 years ago

Definitely worth the 3 hour wait for tickets. Shoutout @chancetherapper for doing a free show in San Jose!

130    2    3 years ago

A nice piece of hardware to top off an amazing season. #sjsuhockey

74    0    3 years ago

Saturday's are for the boys.

120    0    3 years ago

'Twas a great summer, with an even better trip to top it off.