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My sister Margie and I The year - 1986. The choice - denim on denim. Regrets? NONE.


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It’s always important when preparing for your movie premiere to keep your neck napkin tucked in while you apply your press on nails

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I’ve never felt more excited and less athletic than when I met the #USWNT

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Just me and a couple of my pals... #TheKitchenMovie in theaters August 9th!

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Happy Birthday K. Bell !!!!!!! 🎉 @kristenanniebell

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2012 Identity Thief. Seems like yesterday❤️


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We’re in charge now. Fall in line, or get out of the way. @thekitchenmovie in theaters August 9th 🎥💥

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Now we run this neighborhood... #TheKitchenMovie in theaters August 9th!

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Happy Birthday Lady Liberty!! 💥

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Hopefully when I grabbed @lizzobeeating and told her I loved her, 1% of her magic was transferred to me so now by osmosis I am 1% that bitch.

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This is the most patriotic I’ve felt in years! Cheer on the USA Dodgeball Team tonight on @latelateshow ! This epic group of ladies, captained by the one and only @michelleobama take on some tea drinkers. Anyone want to place bets?! 💥🇺🇸🏆