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#YourMorningShot, LeBron James: "I think in your 20s you're so much trying to please everybody, or you're trying too much to please yourself but don't even know what you want out of yourself. So when you get in your 30s—and beyond—I believe you just, you have everything in place."

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Living First Class. Summer 1976 issue of GQ. #tbt #vintagegq


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A #BigFitoftheDay so enormous Justin Bieber cannot physically contain it with two arms.

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Adam Brody knows he’s still Seth Cohen to you. The star of the new horror-comedy hybrid #ReadyOrNot talks longevity, fatherhood, and—yes—The O.C. too. Link in bio. (📸@hongjanghyun)

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#YourMorningShot, Nate Dogg: "Rapping is all about battling, and you can do all of that. But you still got to have to have love for people."

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Solange's glasses are Matrix-tiny but this is a #BigFitoftheDay.

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This summer, @elizabethwarren has been trouncing debate foes, climbing in the polls, and making the grandest ideas sound perfectly sensible, including her biggest pitch of all: That she's the one to beat Trump. GQ's Julia Ioffe joins Warren on the campaign trail to figure out how the presidential candidate does what she does, and why she's surging in the Democratic primary race—read more at the link in bio. (📸@dina_litovsky)


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Presenting GQ’s largest fall fashion portfolio ever. Featuring 22 models, “Strength of Character,” by photographer @studio_jackson and stylist @georgecortina, is a character study, a mood board, a rumination on the beautiful and varied tapestry that is modern masculinity. See the full spread at the link in bio.✨✨

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Deontay Wilder (@bronzebomber) always prefers the knockout. With 41 wins under his belt—40 by way of K.O.—the heavyweight champ talks frankly about reinvigorating his division, Anthony Joshua, his rematch with Tyson Fury, and where he got that right hand at the link in bio. (📸@mattymarty) #BombZquad #WBC #boxing

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#YourMorningShot, Denzel Washington: "I was 11 or so when I started in the barbershop. That was great theater. Professional liars in a barbershop. There were a lot of father figures in there. I was there with grown men. You know, saying grown-men things. Listening to men talk and lie. I learned to hustle. If you came in, I looked at you like money. Okay, you've got good shoes? You might have a few dollars. I had a little side hustle where you brought your clothes on Saturday; I'd take them to the cleaners and deliver them at the end of the day. Fifty cents here, a dollar there. I was 13 and buying my own clothes. Working in that barbershop, learning how to tell stories...I learned how to act."

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Dr. Ruth knows that the secret to a #BigFitoftheDay is a smile (and some great glasses).

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It's official: #KeanuReeves will star in #Matrix4. Get all the details at the link in bio. (📸@studio_jackson)