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Hope you guys like it! Namanana Arrangement by me❤️

866K    25K    5 days ago

Ready to hear my namanana? ^^


837.7K    27.8K    7 days ago

❤️ Thank you my fans^^

511.1K    12.3K    8 days ago

3 day countdown to NAMANANA.

563.2K    14.5K    13 days ago

Give me a chance Arrangement by Me ❤️ haha

750.9K    40.5K    17 days ago

First day being 27 years old. Here is the MV for Give Me A Chance! Thank you for the support everyone! 12 days until #NAMANANA. Please check out BIO for link to the official music video of #GiveMeAChance.


717.8K    26.9K    1 month ago

Welcome to my NAMANANA land🤟🏻 Stay tuned!

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Do you like my moves? #dance #sheep choreography by @kasper0524

936.8K    19.1K    2 months ago

Perth ❤️ See u next time

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Really looking forward to the show. @Lollapalooza We have done a lot of preparation and hope you guys will enjoy it. Excited to announce that our collaboration "Lay - Sheep (Alan Walker Relift)" will be released on August 31st. Now let’s get it! @alanwalkermusic

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Hi Chicago ~^^ Glad to be here