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Lay Zhang

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Happy World Bee Day 🐝!


1.3M    14.9K    23 days ago

So beautiful moment!We need to protect Nature and Animal !❤️ #Nature

1.1M    16.4K    28 days ago

love what you do and you will always be happy! #studiolife

571.3K    9.8K    1 month ago

Speakers are amazing in this car! #boombap


830.1K    11.6K    2 months ago

It was great meeting you @diplo 😀

1M    56.2K    2 months ago

🔥I really like this songㅠㅠ Hope u guys like it^^ CHEN 첸 '사월이 지나면 우리 헤어져요 (Beautiful goodbye)'

632.3K    12.4K    2 months ago

Always getting closer to the goal! #hustle @tommy_tt_jk