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Anxiously waiting to show y’all the whole spring collection... #TommyxZendaya @tommyhilfiger @luxurylaw

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I just hope there is justice in this hateful and targeted act of violence. Sending @jussiesmollett my love and wishing him a speedy recovery. We love you.


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“We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the pressing urgencies of the great cause of freedom…..a time like this demands great leaders.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Good morning!!!! Spider-Man Far From Home 1st Official Trailer!!!!!

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It always starts normal


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This shoulda been my holiday card

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Here’s to more moments like this in 2019...

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I guess this gives me an excuse to post these year old pictures.

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In honor of this little movie I call The Greatest Showman turning 1 today, here is me as Anne Wheeler doing the utmost.