Zane Hijazi

Zane Hijazi


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624K    5.6K    8 days ago

May I present to you a full 360 of myself for all you ladies out there who are interested. Thank you Matt for assisting.

477.5K    1.8K    17 days ago

What a sober wholesome drug free day. Also my brother proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years!! Mr. And Mrs. Hijazi❤️ Oh and my hair’s still standing baby!! What’s left of it at least.


600.1K    9.7K    19 days ago

Decided to shave my beard so now I look like Michael Myers. Happy Halloween!

876.7K    8.5K    20 days ago

Spent the day hangin with my mortal friends

487.4K    4.1K    27 days ago

You chose books I chose looks


631.1K    2.2K    2 months ago

The start of my “Trying to Kiss David on the Mouth in Front of Paparazzi” series

449.5K    2K    2 months ago

Fellas, you better keep your girls close....

390.4K    2.2K    2 months ago

I’m completely sober. I just love this show

488.4K    1.7K    2 months ago

I had my chubby upper body beautifully sculpted by @jennievinter HAHAHA thank you for making me 🦋✨art✨🦋 (ft. Erin’s intergalactic space buns)

370.2K    2.9K    2 months ago

Who’s cuter??? Me..or this ice cream I’m holding?? Don’t say Jeff cuz I never asked!!!