@ws_boogie WESTSIDE Compton California “EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE” ALBUM OUT NOW [email protected]

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niggaz on the piano and shit for tour..get yo tickets before it’s too late at


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check on yo people today ..tag yo bestfriend and tell em u love em or u ain’t shit

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man it’s all bout the youth fr fr..these kids so creative these days.. shit is fire..he set the bar.. keep the videos coming. it’s big lit! @_slomotion #silentridechallenge

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We finna get the #silentridechallenge booming ..we posting all the fire shit on my page so send me videos and if u weak u getting blocked


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This was one of my toughest moments .This is Kim, she was diagnosed with grade 2 and 3 Astrocytoma(brain cancer). She’s been given 6-12 months to live. All she wanted to do was meet me and as grateful as I am that my music touched her it really made me question my own strength .how she being so strong ? It amazes me and also makes me realize I complain about bullshit to much shit that don’t even really matter ..check on yo people man inspire yo people let’s just get this shit together ..Kim I love you and I’m forever motivated and inspired by you

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first LA show sold out so we added another on May 20. #EverythingsForSale Tour tickets on sale now!!

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Used to stare at my videos for months waiting to get to a million views, now we hitting 1 milli in 1 day 🔥🔥 love y’all man ..told y’all stop playing wit me this year #RainyDays

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I’m drunk in Australia rn but it’s lit..Rainy Days video wit @Eminem out now..directed by in bio 🌧

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‪Rainy Days video premieres tomorrow 9am pt!! hit the link in bio and get ready niggaz