@ws_boogie WESTSIDE Compton California “EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE” ALBUM OUT NOW [email protected]

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29.5K    567    14 days ago

Season 2..beginning this journey of my new album.. on a mission to make my last project look weak compared to the new..get better at sumn my niggaz or you a bitch

27K    1.4K    18 days ago

I made two verses for the Yg song here go the other one ..u welcome niggaz


9.9K    107    20 days ago

First time in Miami so yall know it’s big on sale Friday. link in bio

9.5K    15    1 month ago

#justiceforryantwyman Don’t look for change be the change

23.3K    335    2 months ago

she calling me a genius now I think I believe it

17.4K    299    2 months ago

Woke up wit all the extras..go get my nigga @yg album #ripnip

19.8K    608    2 months ago

keeping my foot on they necks this year. expose me freestyle out now..directed by @justicewearscoolpants produced by @keyeleyek and @dezziegee sampled my dog @quessswho


13.8K    1.1K    2 months ago

Damn I miss tour already.. what city should i hit next time? recap in bio

27.6K    421    2 months ago

Last show of tour tonight..shit wild we really went around the country and sold out shows and all this shit did was make me wanna level up more.. shout out to all the niggaz that performed wit me..I love y’all for life

16.2K    223    2 months ago

3 shows left.. tonight we sold out in la ..a nigga has performed here bout ten times and ain’t ever sold it out. this feeling is different. tell yo mom we tripping tonight

18.3K    384    2 months ago

My kid really struggled wit me from taking the city bus just to to go to my homies house and sleep on the couch to settling for bullshit ebt being a hero in his eyes is what this shit bout but yea fuck that soft shit it’s big lit and we selling shit out..San Diego u next 🎥 @creativeconnect