@ws_boogie WESTSIDE Compton California “EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE” album out 1.25.19

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Tired of working on myself I wanna be perfect already... #EverythingsForSale short film out now. Link in bio

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2 days and this shit still feels unreal to me ..the feeling of finally touching sumn u been working so hard for is wild but yea off that this honestly my most important video..thank u guys for being patient wit me during this process. #EverythingsForSale the film out now! directed by @ginagammell, @rileykeough & Malcolm Washington link in bio...westside


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Bro this shit is really happening ..y’all know how many nights i cried over this? To many man all them nights in the studio where it felt like I was getting nowhere..I hate venting like this but bro I’m so proud of myself and the people around me so fuck it .if u got a dream KEEP GOING NIGGAZ #EverythingsForSale FRIDAY pre save link in bio

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On this beautiful sunday afternoon i’m out here dishing these blessings one by one. text me your prayer requests 424-367-0112 #EverythingsForSale this Friday 1/25 🙏🏾

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my debut album #EverythingsForSale out NEXT FRIDAY 1.25.19 🙏🏾 presave link in bio 📸: @zorasicher

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‪niggaz gon stop playing wit me this year ‬


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I’m finna sell the shirt I got on because everything in New York cost to much ..who want it ?

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I’m trappin whips for the loww 🚘 text me a pic of whatevers in your wallet right now 424-367-0112 and ima come scoop you in one of these foreigns #EverythingsForSale 1.25.19 💵

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We out here all dayyy, come hear this knowledge text 424-367-0112 #EverythingsForSale 1.25.19 someone bring some 10s so i can stop juggin niggaz lol

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Yo i’m pulling up in all hoodz right now and bumping this fire album for $9.99 🔥🔥 Text me at 424-367-0112 #EverythingsForSale 1.25.19

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It’s annual make your dream come true day so I’m pulling up on one of you niggas and playing the album. Text me your email and address to 424-367-0112 and I might come thru. Must be in the LA area