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Will Smith

@willsmith New playground. Same kid from West Philly.⁣⁣⁣

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When I got the call from @Moncler that they wanted me to be THE FACE of a FASHION campaign I was like... “These jokaz must be CRAZY.” I’ve always dug their gear. So I listened to their ideas. Then I was like... “That might be GENIUS.” I started pondering the Relationship between Crazy & Genius and I got more & more intrigued. Real Dreamers ALWAYS get called Crazy! I started to wonder... “Are Geniuses born Crazy?! Or can we all get some? :-) #GENIUSISBORNCRAZY


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@JUST is in JAPAN! Arigatou gozaimasu @honokamoriyama_official! I ❤️ THIS!! The Global movement has begun! @justxjapan

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Jada, Jaden. Tomato, Tomaden? Just answer me when I call You.

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Repost @jadapinkettsmith ・・・ Willow continues to amaze me with her growth as an artist. I really love this project. She continues to find such creative ways to express herself and find her voice. Thank you to @rocnation for allowing her to do so. Congrats @willowsmith!❤️ Link in bio ✨

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I’m too Gangsta for this vacation.


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They better hope this Trends!

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Philly in da Buildin’! | Repost @tierrawhack let’s all tag @willsmith #philly