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Will Smith

@willsmith New playground. Same kid from West Philly.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Stream the season finale of my show @WillSmithsBucketList 👇🏾

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That’s a Wrap! @BadBoys For Life - Ciudad de México. Now hand me a Margarita and a pack of tropical fruit bubblicious. 📷: @benrothsteinofficial @jas

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¡Hola México! Vamos a grabar Ios ultimos momentos de mi película @BadBoys for Life. ¿Como se díce ‘helicopter’ en Español?


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On Set @badboys We had some kids playin’ ball. So I went over to mess around wit’ em. These kids today don’t respect their elders! Hahaha. :-) 📹: @westbrook @iambdsami

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We Ride Together... We Die Together... Bad Boys For Life! Happy Bday, @martinlawrence

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This is me Comin’ for the Summer!! Y’all get ready. 📹: @jas 🔊: @djsammygee

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Jada on set Sweatin’ Mike Lowrey! 📷: @aidan

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Shout out to @creativesoulphoto. I love when artists touch on these kinds of sensitive Social / Emotional topics using Love & Beauty as the Elixir.⁣ ⁣ Hey @lupitanyongo @kerrywashington @janellemonae @violadavis @saintrecords @badgalriri @gabunion @jadapinkettsmith @willowsmith, I want you to meet @creativesoulphoto! 📹: @westbrook


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On set @badboys - Gotta Keep Mike Lowrey’s Hands & Eyes moist & supple!

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I’ve been practicing what I call Effortless Manifestation. Trusting & Surrendering. I’m learning how to Be Still, Be Quiet & Pay Attention! I’m learning to Harness the Power of Flowing with the Great River rather than Fighting the Truth. 📹: @westbrook @vannucci_fy

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Thank YOU Mike - for reminding me why I joined IG in the first place. ・・・ Repost @nopancakestoday ・・・ After some much needed rest, I had a great time gettin' jiggy with the tribe at 1Vibe last week. Could never thank @willsmith enough for this crazy ride. Go ahead and tag Will if you'd like to see him come visit us here @1vibedance.

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Dudes Face is KILLING ME! Hahahahaha