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Will Smith

@willsmith New playground. Same kid from West Philly

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IT’S UP... and IT’S HOT! Go Watch our new episode of @RedTableTalk!! Link in my bio. 📹: @westbrook #redtabletalk

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Ay, Look... I’m from Philly... I ain’t about to get chumped by no Kangaroo. 📹: @westbrook


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There’s Nothing like a Beautiful Sunset Dinner in the Dunes of Dubai to bring people closer! . 📹: @westbrook @jas

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I’ve been waiting for my shot to sit at the @RedTableTalk!! They film AT MY HOUSE! I gotta walk PAST the table to get to my kitchen!! It’s finally happening, Monday 10/22, we’re talking about damn near Errthing :-) #redtabletalk

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A thousand years from now, humans are gonna look at the Burj Khalifa the Same way we look at the Pyramids... like “How the hell did they build that?”. But then they’ll just look it up on YouTube. This #Pixel3 group selfie mode is Crazy!!

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Family Time in Dubai. I can’t wait to show y’all what we’re Shooting! 📷: @alansilfen


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Being a parent means knowing when to lie to your kids and when to hit them with the truth...... and when to share the truth with your IG Fam 🤣

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This is the Highest Toilet ON EARTH!! Burj Khalifa, Dubai. 154th Floor. Sittin’ on top of the world! (The Joke was too Easy:-) 📷: @alansilfen

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I think I’m about to Launch a Tuk Tuk Company in LA! Mumbai has short trip transportation figured OUT! 📷: @alansilfen