coy wickey

coy wickey

@wicker10 sub to wicker10 on youtube for gaming vids, sub to coy wickey on youtube for real life vids, and i like sushi.

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guess you guys never wanted to see it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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check out the new vid made with @thezachcotton !! link in bio :) #pixelworlds


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the best person in this world 🌎

3.4K    314    2 months ago

fun fact: the world wicker10 has been retired from growtopia... #growtopia

3.9K    319    2 months ago

they actually listened to what i had to say. "they dont care about their creators"... only took me like 5 times to say it. good job ubisoft. #growtopia

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new vid is up! im a in my bio :)... **LIKE this picture or i will BAN you**

2.8K    122    3 months ago

mod videos coming soon... other than helping the game rid bad players, i want to bring some of the moderation experience to you. what are some things you guys want to see in videos as a moderator?? #pixelworldsgame


4.7K    253    3 months ago

throwback. also really appreciating all of the interaction and support i have been getting! can this picture of me a jake get 1 like? #pixelworldsgame #pixelworlds

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i am a moderator in pixel worlds. LIKE if i should make pixel worlds videos as a mod! #pixelworldsgame #pixelworlds