Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Elsa Hosk. πŸ–€

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Elsa Hosk radiates beauty at the #CannesFilmFestival red carpet. 🌹 β€” thoughts on the look? comment below.


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Rita Ora backstage with the angels at the VSFS. ✨

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Which Celestial Angel outfit do you prefer? β€” Taylor Hill x Candice Swanepoel. ✨ comment below.

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Josephine Skriver’s #CannesFilmFestival looks from the red carpet. 🌹✨ - - - which look(s) are your fav? comment below. @josephineskriver

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Would you like Kendall Jenner to ever appear at a VSFS again? ✨ β€” comment below.

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More #CannesFilmFestival looks from the red carpet. 🌹✨ β€” which one is your fav? comment below.


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Behati + Candice = ❀️

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Alessandra Ambrosio #CannesFilmFestival looks πŸ‘‰πŸ» custom @julienmacdonald or @ralphandrusso dress? 🌹✨ comment below.

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Bells Hadid wearing @dior at the annual CANNES Film Festival. 🌹 β€” absolutely beautiful. (@bellahadid )

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So much beauty in a photo. 😍

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CANNES Film Festival looks from today’s red carpet. πŸ‘ βœ¨ Ale, Iza, & Romee β€” which look was your fav? comment below.