Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret

@victoriassecret Lingerie made to be seen.

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When something is this incredible, you don’t want to miss out. The new Fall Collection is here and it’s worth sharing.

301.3K    1.1K    10 hours ago

Not a stitch (or a strap) out of place.


205.2K    487    12 hours ago

Some lingerie just begs to be seen.

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@natalieoffduty means business when she layers strappy lingerie under a power suit. #regram

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New lingerie + a sultry Eau de Parfum = a match made in heaven. Discover the power of Bombshell Intense @vsbeauty. #ThePerfectRed

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Every hour is golden hour in soft, shimmery chainmail.


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Sometimes, barely there is just what you need.

172.8K    496    3 days ago

The finest possible match.

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@carmellarose got the memo: gorgeous lingerie is meant to be seen. #regram

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Another weekday morning made glamorous.

151.7K    569    4 days ago

Attn: anyone with an eye for detail. The Fall Collection = made for you.