Vevine goldson

Vevine goldson

@vevinegoldson I spend most time writing,It's something that I'm really enjoying at the moment; Right now I'm experimenting with poetry; Have fun while reading!

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47    4    16 days ago

Everyday of my life is filled with loving you.


12    1    22 days ago

Happy new year gals and boys!

7    0    22 days ago

Sometimes my cuz leaves me stunned.

3    0    22 days ago

Wishing I was in Nashville tonight.

4    0    22 days ago

Dem 1950s carols really got me through the work load.

2    0    22 days ago

I spent my holiday working no regrets.


2    0    22 days ago

Hope y'all having a wonderful holiday.

40    1    24 days ago

Happy new years eve,forwarding on to new years day.

18    1    24 days ago

Feeling blessed as another year is fast approaching,all you shiny people stay beautiful and safe while ringing in the new year.

107    14    27 days ago

Hi my fellow lovers of instagram,the hard cover of epitome of romance poetry book is here.

44    2    27 days ago

Merry Merry Holidays!