UW-GB Marinette Intl Program

UW-GB Marinette Intl Program

@uwmnt_intl_prog UW Colleges' oldest and most robust international student program located on the banks of the beautiful Green Bay.

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Sneaky, sneaky! @minh._.chous caught in the act of chronicling the work of UW-Parkside's Tom Berenz for today's @lifeatuwgb. #uwgbmarinette #artatmarinette #tomberenz

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Not sure where the ghosts are coming into play but the Major Mixer is happening at noon today in the Union. See you there for major exploration as well as cookies and cider! #uwgbmarinette #MajorMixer


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Let's support our Chau this week as she takes over the lifeatuwgb Instagram account! πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ #Repost @lifeatuwgb (@get_repost) ・・・ Hello! πŸ˜™ My name is Chau Pham and I’m a sophomore at UWGB- Marinette campus. I come from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. So far I really love my studying abroad experience and would love to share about it with you. It’s such a privilege for me to represent our campus to host LifeatGB this week! I’m excited to show you all the awesome things on campus: the people, my favourite classes, our international program, beautiful lake and many more ! 😊✨ . I hope everyone will have a great week and enjoy the stories and the posts! I like to answer questions too so just comment below ^^ #uwgbmarinette @uwmnt_intl_prog @uwgbmarinette #studyingabroad

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Have you been to Jack's to check out their sushi yet? They've got something for everyone! 🍣πŸ₯’πŸ˜‹ #jacksfreshmarket #sushi #sushiwithgusto #getinmybelly

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What a turnout for the tonight's potluck! Such an amazing display of Wisconsin and international dishes without a single cheese curd or a sausage on show. I can't wait to see what our Thanksgiving table looks like on November 8! # #uwgbmarinette #potluck #cultureexchange

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IEP field trip to Peshtigo! First, the Peshtigo Fire Museum; next, the Peshtigo Cafe for a quick snack. #uwmarinette #fieldtrip #peshtigo #makingmemories


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We're having a @brewers viewing party as a cultural experience. If nothing else, we've got peanuts and Cracker Jack. #uwmarinette #brewers #culturalexperience #brewcrew

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The first rule of Noodle Club is that you ALWAYS talk about noodles! πŸ²πŸ’― #uwmarinette #noodlemaster #noodles4life #noodles #sendnoodz

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The third annual Mid-Autumn Festival bonfire was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who came out to finish our mountain of mooncakes and celebrate the holiday in a most memorable fashion! πŸŒ•πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ #midautumnfestival #mooncakes #uwmarinette #cultureexchange #internationalstudents

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We've got a mountain off mooncakes to get through today so we hope to see you at the bonfire tonight! #midautumnfestival #uwmarinette #mooncakes

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Is this the last summery day of 2018? It very well could be so I hope you're getting outside and making these most of it! #endofsummer #beachday #lakemichigan #upperpeninsula #906life