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@tjwallace_ “we’re not anticipating the best..we’re living in it” // @latitude_surge

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• R E S T • The life of a pastor can be absolute chaos. Services, rehearsals, preparation, counseling, projects, trainings, traveling, and finding rhythm for making family and mental health a priority. Between all of that, rest is essential. Spending time with family. Spending time with friends. Taking a beautiful hike through the mountains of NC. Spending time in the Word, prayer, and worship. Rest is important..especially when you’re preparing to go deeper. We’re not anticipating the best..we’re living in it. #TheBestIsNow #Deeper #PastorsRetreat #DontJudgeMyAdidasPantsAndBoots #IForgotMyBeltAndCouldntWearJeans

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Šürgê Søćîētÿ // ALL OF A SUDDEN


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Elijah went from the biggest victory of his life in 1 Kings 18, to wanting to die in chapter 19. He went from calling down fire from heaven to calling down death on himself. He went from victorious to depressed. It’s safe to say Elijah was on that emotional rollercoaster. I’ve seen so many people do the exact same thing— I’m even guilty of it myself. You HAVE to get a grip on your feelings, or your EMOTIONS will lead to EMERGENCIES. You can’t be led by the Spirit and be led by your emotions too (Romans 8:5) Check your feelings today and lead from facts with the help of Holy Spirit. #InMyFeelings #Surge

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I’ve never felt more alive. This is my purpose. This is my passion. This is my battle line position. I refuse to believe that this generation is without hope. I refuse to believe this generation is without purpose. God proves those nuances wrong every time we gather. The best is on the way and i believe it in Jesus’ name.

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YOOO!! I am PUMPED for #SurgeNight going down THIS Wednesday Night! Starting a brand new series called #InMyFeelings, and i PROMISE YOU...this is going to be a life changing message (if you apply it) bring your Bible, bring your notebooks, and bring your friends cause this is gonna be one of THOSE nights. Can’t wait to see you @latitude_surge!

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Daddy shark and baby shark. Well technically, my step shark. Cause, ya know...he’s Puerto Rican.

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So proud of Gracie for killing it at HJ Macdonald FCA this morning! She stood firm on some truths about boundaries, friendships, and doors we open in our lives to toxicity. I love seeing the fruit of @latitude_surge blossom in the schools! This young lady is leading her peers and its not easy to do it. I’m proud to be her youth pastor! Shoutout to @c_ackerman1981 for pouring into her and coming out to support!


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Yoooo #SurgeTailgate2018 was DOPE. Of course I had to rep #DukeNation! Between basketball (look at that form doe), hotdogs, football, music, and being the REIGNING CORNHOLE CHAMPS (aka #TheHoleyKings) with my boy @ajpurple_8133, it was SUCH a good night! Saw so many new students and a lot of old faces. What God is doing here blows my mind. Honored to lead it and be a part of it!

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In honor of Pastor Appreciation month, I’m thankful for these guys! I love leading with you and count it a high honor to do life with each of you. Through all the “mess” we still see so many miracles! I honor and love you!

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Good times, Mumfest. Good times.

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Everyone knows i love #StrangerThings so you know i had to look like a fan boy while i preached #LifeInTheUpsideDown pt. 1! Samson pretty much stayed in the upside down. When he finally trusted Delilah, she put him to sleep, cut off his hair, and his strength left him. When he woke up while being captured, he said “I’ll shake free like i did every other time.” He had developed a false confidence with his sin because he was comfortable with the enemy. Don’t let that happen to you. If you visit the upside down enough- you may find yourself stuck.

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🚨 SURGE DAY IS THE BEST DAY! 🚨 New series #LifeInTheUpsideDown starts tonight! 🚨 Stranger Games 🚨 Free food 🚨 Prizes 🚨 PACK THE PLACE 🚨 LETS GET ITTTTTTT