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I miss playing music. I miss singing, and just doodling around on my guitar or piano. So I decided, I’m making #MusicMonday a thing in my world again. So on this beautiful Monday, here’s one of my favs right now: #Speechless by #DanAndShay // sn: sorry for the weird lighting 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Happy Easter from us and Happy 7 Year Anniversary to us! Loved what God did today at @latitudechurch. Such a great day.


171    14    19 days ago

See him? When I look in the mirror, this is what I see. A guy who’s been through hell and back, and still walks through hell now at times. There’s this thing inside of him that pushes him to want to be the best, want to be the smartest, want to the the most successful, want to be....accepted. • Then there’s another part of him that yells “KILL THAT NOISE”’ll never happen. “You struggle too much.” “You still battle depression.” “You still fish for compliments.” “You still overreact to things that shouldn’t bother you.” “You still try way too hard.” “You still reach out to things that never reach back.” It’ll never happen. • People see him from a distance. Some think he’s funny, he’s outgoing, he’s energetic, he’s full of joy. Others think he’s arrogant, he’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he’s full of insecurities. Both people are right. But neither of them know him. Not fully. They don’t know the battles he’s fought. They don’t know about the mornings that he doesn’t want to get out of bed. They don’t know about his trust issues. They don’t know about the anxiety he faces when the room is too crowded or when there’s too much noise going on at one time. They don’t know about his mind that never stops running so he barely sleeps. They don’t know. • The truth is...he’s just a person. Yeah, he preaches. Yeah, he leads worship. Yeah, he posts encouraging Facebook statuses to help someone else. Yeah, he posts about his “successes”. But...he’s just a person. Don’t put him on a pedestal. Don’t rely on him for everything; he’ll fail you. He’s just a person. • To be honest...grace is only thing even keeping his glasses on his face. It is the one thing holding him together. It’s the invisible glue that makes you wonder why he’s not in jail or dead. If it wasn’t for grace, this picture and this post would not exist. So put grace on a pedestal. Grace will never let you down. Grace will never fail you. Grace will never run out, and will always have more than enough. Grace will never stop pursuing you, will never ignore you, and will never walk out. This guy....he’s just a person. But perfect.

158    4    22 days ago

I don’t lead worship much anymore, so when i get the opportunity it means the world! Today was incredible. Love watching the local church explode in praise! Clean hands, pure hearts, good grace, good God.

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I absolutely LOVED being with @lhomastee and @live_students leadership today! Teaching leaders about the importance of healthy culture, environment, and atmosphere is easily becoming one of my favorite things to do. @kylefletch012 and @stephiegflea joined me and dropped absolute GOLD. Love doing life with such amazing leaders and creative geniuses. @lhomastee and his team are absolutely crushing the game in Raleigh and it’s only gonna get better from here. Thanks for having us! Such an honor. Love you guys!

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DIFRNT NIGHT WAS LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @alexyassrr produces the sickest videos. Can’t believe we get to do this!


146    5    29 days ago

NO WORDS for DIFRNT Night! TWENTY SALVATIONS and a room FULL of purposed students! So thankful for what God did. Shoutout to my bro @bkchandler for bringing absolute GOLD to our students. Unreal night. Revival is happening!!!

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What God is doing at @latitude_surge is UNREAL! 9 students gave their lives to Jesus tonight and I am PUMPED! So thankful God has put this in my hand- it’s such an honor and I believe we are seeing a new wave of freedom in our students and beyond. DIFRNT NIGHT is next Sunday and it’s going to be insane. Until then.....

148    2    1 month ago

Sometimes you just gotta jump in the baptism pool, jeans and all...especially if it’s your students getting baptized! I loved celebrating with these dudes today! So proud of you both and i KNOW God has huge plans for your future! Love you fellas!

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I can’t control the world, or other people, but as for ME, I will ALWAYS empower you, babe. We’re in this together. You’re an incredible wife, mother, worker, leader, and that’s just scratching the shallowest surface possible. You’re amazing, strong, and beautiful. #InternationalWomensDay