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W A Y M A K E R | i know, i know...another hype Instagram preaching video. But if you could have been in the room last night.... . A thing that is growing experiences a lot of “first” moments. When a baby takes their first steps, eats their first meal, grows up and attends their first day of school...that’s a healthy sign that growth is happening. Last night, we experienced a lot of “firsts”. . Last night, i saw students with their hands lifted for the first time. I saw leaders praying with students at the altar for the first time. I saw students praying for their friends IN THEIR SEATS for the first time. I saw students lead worship for the first time. My favorite part about essential “firsts” is that they are never “lasts”. It won’t be the last time we see any of those things. This is the new normal. A revival culture is forged in those moments, and we are blazing new trails. We may not be where we want to be (yet)...but we’re not where we used to be. That’s the whole promise of process and progress. This journey with Jesus all about the process. And i trust it. I’m so thankful for all that God did and is doing at @latitude_surge. . 9 students started following Jesus last night. He is a waymaker, a miracle worker, and a promise keeper. Students got to experience that for the first time last night. And as long as that’s’s a win. So encouraged today, but also challenged to not stop here. There’s so much more. We’re ready.

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Today was one of THOSE days. If you missed it, we missed you. 6 people started relationships with Jesus and several made their decision public with baptisms! To serve this house is the biggest honor. To be able to watch God change people’s lives week in and week out...nothing like it! To top it all off, we have (literally as i type this) the biggest #CrewNight at Surge that we’ve ever had!! God whatever you’re doing, we’re ready. Let’s get it! #SomeOnComeBody #LatitudeAttitude #NoPlaceLikeThis #YouthIsYours #TheFutureBelongsToTheYouth


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Kyle. Thomas. Fletcher. KT. You’re the friend I never knew I needed. Your leadership, gentle spirit, and heart for God and people constantly challenge me to be better. You’re a gun, bro. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday! Love you

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CONFESSIONS OF A YOUTH PASTOR: A few months ago, we made the decision that at the start of 2019, we would switch from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights as a student ministry. I prayed about it, wrote out the pros and cons list, sought wisdom on it, you name it. As excited as I was about it, I was admittedly nervous as ever. I asked myself all the questions. ————————————————————————— “What if no one comes?”. . “What if this isn’t the right move?”. . “What if students liked Wednesdays better?”. ————————————————————————— At one was there. My anxiety began to cripple me. I kept saying in my head “i hope this was the right move.” ————————————————————————— At 6:15, we had more students than what we’ve had since I’ve been youth pastor. We had a ton of new students. We had a ton of students come back that couldn’t come on Wednesdays anymore. We had 6 students give their lives to Jesus, 4 of which were brand new to Surge! Yet again, God showed me that it’s not about me and my anxiety. He is faithful. He leads us and when we listen, no matter how it feels, He will prove Himself faithful. ————————————————————————— It’s Vision Season. We see revival clearly. The best is now. #VZNSZN

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My love @mhwallace made chicken soba noodle broth paired with some spicy shrimp rolls 😍😍 what a lady. Date night at home tonight. I love life with her.

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Without will end up ANYWHERE. That’s why THIS SUNDAY, we’re starting a new series of talks at @latitude_surge called #VZNSZN. It’s time to see more clearly than ever before. We’re entering into a season where vision is critical. I believe this will challenge our students to live their most vision filled, intentional year ever. Can’t wait!

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2018 was a year of GROWTH. With growth, comes pain, stretching, mistakes, learning, and letting things go that can no longer stay. I hear the Lord saying “2019 is a year of DEEPER!” With everything that grew me in 2018, I will take and go further than ever before. More discipline, more impact, more intentional dreaming and goal setting. However, I refuse to believe the best will happen later this year. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that RIGHT NOW is the best!! If God has placed it in my hand and in my heart, then it’s the best NOW! Taking ground, kicking the devil in the teeth, and making Jesus famous. Financial breakthrough for my family, a better marriage, a healthier family, buying our first house, and seeing Zeek off to kindergarten. 2019 is going to be a freaking blast. LETS GET IT.


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🚨BIG @latitude_surge ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 • • If you were not at the Surge Awards, you missed a huge announcement. Beginning January 6th, Surge will now be on SUNDAY NIGHTS! There is so much that goes into this decision, but the bottom line is that we want to reach MORE students! Sunday nights give us this ability because we don’t have to worry about athletic events, practices, or extra curricular school events. Not only that, but our amazing volunteers won’t have to rush from work to do life with our students! We are SO excited about what God is going to do in 2019 through this! • • There will be NO service on January 2nd. Our first Surge will held on Sunday, January 6th. Same time (6-8pm) and same place. Let’s PACK THE PLACE. Bring anyone you can. It’s going be the best.

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Merry Day After Christmas from the Wallace Clan! 😍

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Christmas Eve with MIB

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Dress up game 💪🏻 love these dudes a lot! Thanks for all the hard work you put into The Surge Awards!

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Y’ mind is BLOWN. The Surge Awards were absolutely ridiculous! We celebrated students, celebrated what God did in 2018, popped a TON of confetti, set off the fire alarm (sorry, NBFD), but most of all...made memories that some of these students would never get otherwise. As I walked into back stage, I teared up as I saw what was on the wall. My brother @kylefletch012 had put on the wall “Can you believe we get to do this?” and I was immediately overcome with awe. We get to do this. We get to see students give their lives to Jesus. We get to see students cry because they’ve never gotten an award before. We get to see students go home better than they came in. So no. I can’t believe I get to do this. I love life so much. What a precious gift. What amazing people I’m surrounded by. The best is now.