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#FatTyler needs that Fit To Fight program —> Tjdillashaw.Com @bangmuaythai


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My man @eric_jones No. 20 taking me for a spin around the track and waking me up this morning @nascar @ufc

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Learn some ninja sh*t... . @bangmuaythai

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“Desire! That’s the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.” (Johnny Carson)

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I love meeting people enrolled in my online course and hearing how much they have enjoyed it. Congrats @jj_sanchez03 on completing my Fit To Fight course at and thanks for spending your Saturday with me. #Repost @jj_sanchez03 ・・・ #fittofight certificate + @UFC belt + the GOAT Bantamweight Champ @tjdillashaw = a great Saturday. He's one of the most down to earth guys out there and his training methods are phenomenal. #killashaw #ufc #BMT #Jstar #dillashaw #mma #fitness #fitfam #getthatrematch #futurechampchampchamp


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Who else needs to jumpstart their Monday? My go to is @greenroads

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Come down to @jstarautogroup this Saturday at noon to check out sick SRT’s and more, and meet yours truly🏎💨👊🏼 @jaredjstar25

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👊🏼💥 #Killashaw . New shirts and return of old shirts on my site link also in my bio. 🙏

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Work in progress by the talented @danielsilvatattoos. Adding my son right next his tigress mother is next. Baby killashaw coming #tattoo