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@timlaman Wildlife Photojournalist/Filmmaker NatGeo, BBC, Cornell Lab @BirdsofParadiseProject co-founder, @SAVEgpORANGUTANS. Sign up for my newsletter >>

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Video by @TimLaman. Every once in a while, after all that fast paced wing flapping, you just need a good stretch! Costa’s Hummingbird. Follow me @TimLaman to see more hummingbird photos and videos as I celebrate the beauty of these incredible little birds. And if you’re anywhere near Palm Spring this spring, see my bird photo and video exhibit at Sunnylands. #birdyoga #yoga #ShotonRED @reddigitalcinema #hummingbird #birds, #wildlifephotography #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella #palmsprings

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Video by @TimLaman. A male Costa’s Hummingbird feeding at aloe flowers. This is shot in slow motion at 75fps, but these hummingbirds are so fast that you can hardly tell it is slowed down by 3x. Filmed as part of my project documenting the birdlife of the Sunnylands Center and Gardens, a sanctuary in Rancho Mirage, California. See my exhibit there through June if you are in the Palm Springs / Coachella Valley area. #ShotonRed @reddigitalcinema #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage


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Photos by @TimLaman. The beautiful rain forest and a stream in Tapanuli, in Batang Toru, Sumatra, home of the critically endangered Tapanuli Orangutan. Swipe and see what’s happening in places around the edges of this unique forest in Sumatra, and what could happen more broadly if a proposed dam goes through. Dear Indonesian friends, I hope you and your government can make the decision and commitment to protect this world treasure and the unique Tapanuli Orangutan and other species found only in your country. The whole world benefits if you do. Thanks for all your efforts!! #TapanuliOrangutan #Tapanuli #BatangToru #Sumatra #Indonesia #Endangered #EndangeredSpecies

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#Repost @franslanting. I’m sharing this post from fellow @natgeo photographer Frans Lanting to help bring attention to the plight of the endangered Asiatic Cheetah but especially the conservationists working to protect the cheetahs who are now in jail in Iran. Please take a moment to read the below and help spread this story in a spirit of support. ・・・ Photo by @FransLanting The Asiatic cheetah is facing a death sentence. Fewer than 50 survive—and only in Iran. But some of the best people dedicated to saving these unique cats from extinction are now in jail for their work and may even face the death penalty. They’ve been accused of using camera traps for espionage. But camera traps are only good for one thing—to capture images of animals at close range just like you see here. This rare image of a cheetah in Iran was captured by one of my camera traps while on assignment for @NatGeo. I worked there with permission and support of Iran’s Department of Environment, and with several of the excellent Iranian scientists who have been arrested. They belong to the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, but they worked closely with the government, and yet they are now on trial—for charges that are politically motivated. This is horrible for the individuals involved, but it is also a tragedy for the animal which faces extinction. And that is a great loss for everyone in Iran because the Asiatic cheetah is a powerful symbol for Iran’s unique natural heritage. If you care about cheetahs in Asia and the plight of the people whose mission is to protect them, please go to the link in my Instagram profile to read the story NatGeo just published and spread the word about it. You can also sign a petition to express your concern at Care2. Search for “conservationists face death penalty in Iran." @hassanrouhani @jzarif @hediyehtehrany @Reza_Kianian_Official @mitra.hajjar @raisi_org @FedericaMog @leonardodicaprio @hope4nature #ConservationIsNotaCrime #FreeIranianConservationists #anyhopefornature #hope4nature ⁩⁩ #wildlife #conservation #cheetahs #bigcats اميد_براى_طبيعت #

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Photo by @TimLaman. “Let me show you my foot!” A Tapanuli Orangutan male shows off his impressive foot, complete with a long and opposable big toe. This is one reason orangutans are such amazing climbers – long toes, and the ability to grip with their big toe. But having these great adaptations for forest life won’t do them much good if they don’t have any forest left. Tapanuli Orangutans, the new species discovered in 2017, is under serious threat in the only area they are found in one small area of Sumatra, Indonesia. Follow me @TimLaman to learn more about this rarest great ape. #orangutan #tapanuliorangutan #tapanuli #sumatra #indonesia #endangered #endangeredspecies

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(Sound on!) The “Kauai O’o”, is a songbird from Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands that went extinct in 1987. It has been re-animated at SXSW in the virtual cinema in a VR artwork (this is a 2D version here), that attempts to bring this extinct bird back to life. Using an audio recording from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library of the LAST bird calling mournfully to a non-existent mate, the work re-imagines our relationship to natural history in a lush jungle environment inhabited by an otherworldly being. I’m sharing this interesting project on behalf of @erratic_animist , a tech-art studio led by @jakob_kudsk_steensen. #SXSW2019 #SXSW #erraticanimist #contemporaryart #digitalart #VR #experimentalart #virtualcinema #kauai #extinction #cornelllabofornithology @cornellbirds

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Photo by @TimLaman. I wonder what he’s thinking? Does he know, or have any sense, that his species, the Tapanuli Orangutan, is the most critically endangered of all the great apes, with only 800 left in the world? This population of orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia, was only discovered to be a unique species, distinct from the other populations of Sumatran Orangutan and Bornean Orangutan, in 2017. Now a dam project in its only stronghold is threatening its future. It is up to the people of Indonesia and their government to decide their priorities. Will the Tapanuli Orangutan be one of the treasures of Indonesia’s biodiversity forever? The Orangutans can’t control their own fate – it is in human hands. @socp.official is trying to help. #orangutan #tapanuliorangutan #tapanuli #sumatra #indonesia #endangered #endangeredspecies


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Photo by @TimLaman. Dining by Moonlight - Anna’s Hummingbird. One of my favorite images from my hummingbird series at Sunnylands. I shot this early one morning as the full moon set just before sunrise. Fine prints available at link in bio. #hummingbird #moon #birds #wildlifephotography #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella #california

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Photo by @TimLaman. Little bird, big stretch of his amazing Sabre-like wings. Continuing my hummingbird series…. a male Costa’s Hummingbird in the Coachella Valley at the Sunnylands Center and Gardens, takes a little break from his near constant foraging for nectar. Stay tuned to @TimLaman for more. Still frame from motion capture. #ShotonRED @reddigitalcinema #hummingbird #birds, #wildlifephotography #wildlifeiG #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella

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Photo by @timlaman. On my morning run along the waterfront today in Bristol, UK I felt like I’d time-traveled back to the Victorian era..... tall ships, fog.... It was magical. #bristol #uk #mist #fog #atmosphere #iphone #lookslikeapainting #passionpassport

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Photo by @TimLaman. A female Costa’s Hummingbird sips nectar from an aloe flower in the Coachella Valley at the Sunnylands Center and Gardens. Hummingbirds have such an amazing ability to hold their heads and bills precisely steady while their wings beat furiously, that even at a shutter speed where the wings are blurred (1/240 sec), there are frames where the eye is totally sharp like this. See my gallery exhibit at Sunnylands till June. Still frame from motion capture. #ShotonRED @reddigitalcinema #hummingbird #birds, #wildlifephotography #wildlifeiG #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella

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Photo by @TimLaman. A Rufous Hummingbird feeds at Ocotillo flowers in the Coachella Valley at the Sunnylands Center and Gardens. My bird photography is currently on exhibit there, so if you’re in the Palm Springs vicinity before June, please check out the gallery! Get inspired by the beauty of birds! Do you like hummingbirds as much as me? I love these spectacular little birds. So much fun to capture their fleeting movements in a photograph. Still frame from motion. #ShotonRED @reddigitalcinema #hummingbird #birds, #wildlifephotography #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella