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Tim Laman

@timlaman Explore the world’s wildlife with me as I shoot for NatGeo, BBC & Netflix. @BirdsofParadiseProject co-founder. Bird-of-Paradise Prints at link>

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Photos by @TimLaman. Lion encounters, Tanzania… Females with cubs, and the King of Beasts. #Tanzania #lions #Africa #hopecollege

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Photos by @TimLaman. The Helmeted Guineafowl is a pretty wacky looking bird. Swipe for a profile shot. Shot on my current photo safari in Tanzania. Stay tuned @TimLaman for more. #Tanzania #birds #Africa #hopecollege


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Photo by @TimLaman. Zebra and wildflowers. Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Stay tuned to @TimLaman for more from my ongoing wildlife safari. #Ngorongoro #Tanzania #zebra #Africa #hopecollege

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Photos by @TimLaman. If you’re a young Baboon in Tanzania, you need a buddy. Stay tuned to @TimLaman for more from my ongoing wildlife safari. #Tanzania #baboon #monkey #Africa #hopecollege

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Photos by @TimLaman. I love photographing the incredible variety of spectacular birds in East Africa. Swipe to see some shots from the past few days in Tanzania’s parks: 1) Lesser Flamingo’s against storm clouds, 2) Lilac-breasted Rollers, 3) Red-and-Yellow Barbets on termite mound, 4) Pearl-spotted Owlet. Which is your favorite? Stay tuned to @TimLaman for more from my ongoing wildlife safari. #Tanzania #birds #Africa #hopecollege

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Photos by @TimLaman. Greater Bird-of-Paradise male shakes and poses on his display perch in the Aru Islands. Sharing this as we continue to celebrate the milestone declaration of West Papua’s Conservation Province, where this species is one of 16 Birds-of-Paradise. Swipe to see more frames and the blind I shot these images from, which was constructed in the traditional Aru style out of palm leaves on a pole platform by local hunters who helped me construct it up in the canopy (without any ropes – they just free climbed!). It worked very well! @BirdsofParadiseProject #conservationprovince #TanahPapua #birdofparadise #cenderawasih.

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Photos by @TimLaman. Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys were a highlight of our first day in Tanzania yesterday in Arusha National Park. With their incredible white tails and capes, I think these are one of the most spectacular monkeys of Africa! I’m excited to be back in the field in Tanzania co-leading a wildlife photo safari for a group from my Alma Mater Hope College. We’re off to a great start with by far the best views I’ve had of this species in four visits to this park. #Tanzania #ArushaNationalPark #monkey #Africa #hopecollege


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Video by @TimLaman. The choreography of the Greater Bird-of-Paradise courtship dance consists of several distinct parts. Here you see the “flower pose” component, a pause in the action when the female can come up from behind and inspect the male, to choose her mate very carefully. Stay tuned here @TimLaman for Birds-of-Paradise shots and videos, including the behind the scenes of how I shot this. #birdsofparadise are the global ambassadors for conservation of the forests of Papua. Filmed in the Aru Islands, #Indonesia. @BirdsofParadiseProject #conservationprovince #TanahPapua #birdofparadise #cenderawasih.

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Video by @TimLaman. Greater Bird-of-Paradise males display at the top of the canopy in the Aru Islands, Indonesia. Tune in here @TimLaman for more videos and behind-the-scenes stories about Birds-of-Paradise. This is one of the Bird-of-Paradise species found in West Papua province as well as in Aru, and this month we are celebrating West Papua’s historic declaration as a “Conservation Province”, dedicated to a green economy and sustainable development, like ecotourism. West Papua harbors the world’s richest coral reefs, and incredible rain forest diversity, including 16 species of Birds-of-Paradise, 6 of which are found nowhere else on earth. #birdsofparadise can be the global ambassadors for conservation of the forests of Papua. @BirdsofParadiseProject #conservationprovince #TanahPapua #Indonesia #birdofparadise #cenderawasih

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Photos by @TimLaman. The male Lesser Bird-of-Paradise is an explosion of plumes when he gives them a good shake. Swipe to see the various images I captured of this impressive bird in a burst of photos, and the cramped canopy blind that I climbed to every morning to wait for this male to come display. I was basically just perched on a branch (attached by harness and safety line to the tree) and covered in camouflage cloth. Shot in West Papua, which harbors 16 species of Birds-of-Paradise including this one. @BirdsofParadiseProject believes #birdsofparadise can be the global ambassadors for conservation of the forests of Papua. Stay tuned here for more #birdsofparadise and behind-the-scenes stories. #conservationprovince #TanahPapua #papua #Indonesia #birdofparadise @GitzoInspires #framedonGitzo.

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Photo by @TimLaman. An adult male orangutan in his prime in Gunung Palung National Park. Congratulations to Wendi Tamariska and the whole @saveGPorangutans team for recognition in London last night at the Whitley Awards for Nature for his important work protecting orangutans and rain forests through sustainable livelihoods for villagers around the national park. Check the link in my profile to learn about the project and watch the 2 min video narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough! To learn how you can help save the orangutans of Borneo, follow @saveGPorangutans. #GunungPalung #GunungPalungNationalPark #orangutan #Kalimantan #Borneo #Indonesia.

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Photo by @TimLaman. A Bornean Orangutan climbs into the canopy in the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo. Would you like to know the story behind this shot and many of my other orangutan images? If you are in the Calgary, Canada area you are in luck. I’ll be there May 5 & 6 with my wife, orangutan researcher Cheryl Knott, sharing stories of our 25 years of doing fieldwork together in our presentation “Adventures Among Orangutans” for NatGeo Live. Find tickets and details at www.artscommons.ca Learn more about our work at @SaveGPorangutans. #GunungPalung #GunungPalungNationalPark #orangutan #Kalimantan #Borneo #Indonesia.