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Introducing the #SwarovskiPalazzo: an immersive installation at design tradeshow @isaloniofficial where visitors are invited into the sparkling world of #Swarovski

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اين آقا حسين پرچمش بدجورى بالاست !! هر كى به ايشون بى احترامى كنه يعنى به من بى احترامى كرده !! ٧٨ @hossein_kb

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For the optimist in all of us: rose-colored glasses from #AtelierSwarovski, worn by @chrisellelim. Shop her style in bio

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Let's Go To L.A. This season, we take a closer peak at the year’s most awaited festival beside the vibrant @EstelleFitz ! Join in and discover our REMIX tips to assert your summer look. Let the adventure begin through link in bio.

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Step inside the soiree. @karliekloss celebrated the Times Square store opening party amidst food carts, newsstands, and other city staples like Swarovski crystal fire hydrants and pigeons.

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Inside the COMMITTED SS18 Campaign | @arizona_muse passionate about sustainable initiatives and the environment, talks about her connection with nature and the importance of introducing sustainability in your daily life. #MangoCommitted #MangoSS18 #Mango

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Mahogany gliders may look like squirrels, but they’re actually possums! They have hand-like feet, equipped with opposable thumbs-- a very useful feature for an animal with such a unique mode of locomotion. To get from one tree to the next, these little marsupials glide through the air using the membranes that stretch from their front legs to their back legs. They tend to sleep and rear their young in dens inside the hollows of large eucalyptus trees. Because mahogany gliders feed on nectar, pollen and sap, they are extremely important pollinators within their ecosystems. By transporting pollen throughout their habitats, they help to perpetuate the production of seeds and play a big part in maintaining the forests they live in. Because they are so elusive it's difficult to study mahogany gliders, but biologists have found that their populations are diminishing rapidly. These adorable pollinators are suffering from immense habitat loss due to the clearing of forests for agriculture in Australia. Though they are protected by Australian law, most populations do not exist on protected lands. Check out @joelsartore to see another image of this glider.

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Hoje você tá mais bela, ou mais fera? O importante é que com esse vidrinho você vai estar LINDA! 

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Photograph by @PaulNicklen // As I dove off the coast of California with @TheSeaChangeAgency to film the driftnet fishery firsthand, I was shocked. The nets start at 30 ft (9m) deep and descend to 100 ft (30m), and extend a mile long; they look like they are alive as the ocean current pulses through them. We came across this unlucky swordfish, which was one of the few animals we saw while diving. Sharks, sunfish, whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other marine wildlife can be found caught in these nets; either fighting for their lives or already dead. The United States’ driftnet fishery has an alarming 65% bycatch rate; a number that is unacceptable even in countries with lesser regulations. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen and @Sea_Legacy to watch the video and add your voice to help end this needless slaughter of marine wildlife.

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Music festival season is fast approaching with Coachella kicking off this weekend and Bonnaroo to follow soon. And while you may have given thought to the perfect breezy crop top or eye-popping tangerine aviators, it’s high time to strategize on a desert-friendly hairstyle—one that can go toe to toe with the California heat and humidity. This spring, consider the braid—and not just any pair of plaits but a far more creative twist, pulled from the Vogue archives. Tap the link in our bio for 8 inspiring braids. Photographed by @scotttrindle, Vogue, May 2016.

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МОСКВА, осталось три дня до грандиозного «ПРАЗДНИКА ДЛЯ БЕРЕМЕННЫХ»!! Телеканал «Doмашний» в честь запуска шоу «Беременные» приглашает вас всей семьёй на Тверскую площадь✌️ Итак! Воскресенье, 15 апреля, 12.00 !!! Каждые 30 минут розыгрыш ПОДАРКОВ!!! Среди которых, даже КОЛЯСКА и АВТОМОБИЛЬНОЕ КРЕСЛО!! ✔️Фотозона, ✔️творческие мастер-классы, ✔️школа молодых отцов, ✔️викторины, ✔️лекторий! Все гости праздника не уйдут без подарков от «Dомашнего» и смогут лично познакомиться с героинями шоу «Беременные» всех сезонов!!! ✅лекторий будет работать бесплатно, но обязательно ПО ЗАПИСИ!! По 40 человек на лекцию!!!⤵️ Отправить запрос с Темой лекции на мейл mam.lecture@gmail.com⤵️ ✔️12.30-13.00 «уход за зубами в период кормления и после родов» ✔️13.00-13.30 «роды после 35» (приедет знаменитый репродуктолог - доктор Елена Младова из @remedi_clinic) ✔️13.30-14.00 я вам расскажу о «О выборе роддома» ✔️14.00-14.30 «Секреты ночного сна малыша» Врач-эндокринолог, специалист по расстройствам сна кафедры акушерства и гинекологии #1 Первого МГМУ им. И. М. Сеченова, член Всемирной ассоциации медицины сна Бурчаков Денис Игоревич ✔️14.30-15.00 о правильном питании беременных и новорожденных расскажет педиатр @detipitanie ✔️15.00-15.30 Лор-врач: Ким Ирина Анатольевна, д.м.н., профессор кафедры оториноларингологии РМАПО @boiron.russia откроет тему «Свободное носовое дыхание. Почему это важно для мамы и будущего малыша?». ✔️15.30-16.00 ведущий врач-остеопат, Наталья Борисовна Верясова из @osteopolyclinic расскажет о том, чем поможет остеопатия для беременных и новорожденных Есть вопросы? Приходите!! 15 апреля в 12:00 ждём вас на Тверской площади❤️Вход бесплатный. #домашний @tv_domashniy

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If your pores are like

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Today was an amazing day! We took part to the opening ceremony of the largest tulip carpet in the world at historic Sultanhamet Square in Istanbul

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Photograph by Gillian Laub (@gigilaub) Hi this is Gillian Laub and I will be posting some images I made while working on the story, “The Rising Anxiety of White America,” for the April issue of National Geographic about Race. In this story I focused on two cities in America where major cultural shifts are happening - Hazleton, Pennsylvania and New Orleans, Louisiana. In this photograph, 17-year-old Felyssa Ricco stands outside her home in Hazleton where she lives with her mother and stepfather. In addition to the American flag, her stepfather Jesse Portonova sometimes flies the Confederate flag, saying it’s a way of standing up to those who believe it shouldn’t be displayed or who want to disregard America’s history. He believes the Confederate flag has been misunderstood and stigmatized because of one “crazy person” in South Carolina. In 2000, 95% of Hazleton was white. By 2016, the white population plummeted to 44% while the Latinos became the majority. When I met Felyssa this past fall, she was home schooled. She said Hazleton used to be a nice place to live but she doesn’t feel safe anymore because of all the “illegals,” and in her words, cause all the crime. Michele Norris writes, “The U.S. Census Bureau has projected that non-Hispanic whites will make up less than 50 percent of the population by 2044, a change that almost certainly will recast American race relations and the role and status of white Americans, who have long been a comfortable majority.” #idefineme #confederateflag #hazleton

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Reunited with my brother @shawnmendes in Berlin oh and as you can see we stay hydrated!

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Lead by example. @Cristiano ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ The CR7 #Mercurial Superfly 360 Chapter 6: ‘Born Leader’, available now at Nike.com/Bootroom -- #Nike #Football #Soccer #NikeFootball #NikeSoccer #Cristiano #CristianoRonaldo #CR7 #BornLeader #BornMercurial

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Introducing Jolly. He has the best hair of all the cast !! #BigLittleLies @nicolekidman @hbo

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Photo by @BrianSkerry. A mako shark swims, open-mouthed, at photographer Brian Skerry (@BrianSkerry) in the waters off New Zealand. An efficient ocean predator, Makos are one of the fastest fish in the sea, capable of bursts of up to 60 miles per hour. Along with their incredible speed, they also have one of the largest brains of any shark, relative to body size. The number of Makos has declined worldwide due to overfishing and the demand for shark fins and, as a result, the species is currently listed as vulnerable. Every year, more than 100 million sharks are killed, primarily for their fins (which are used in shark fin soup). In the last sixty years, we have lost a majority of shark populations thereby decreasing the health of our oceans. Learn more about sharks and other ocean wildlife by following @BrianSkerry on Instagram! @thephotosociety #onassignment #mako #shark #southerncalifornia #newzealand #nz #sharks #savesharks #onassignment #natgeo #nationalgeographic #onassignment #follow #underwaterphotography #photography #nature #photooftheday

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What is this and why it keep following me!?

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This is Pittsburgh. And we #3elieve here.

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We all need LOVE ⚽️❤️

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Make a statement…and get rewarded! FREE $20 Reward Card when you spend $40 (by 4.16)!

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Follow @original_nomad_grill (link in bio) and check out The Nomad Grill!

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How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America. Photograph by @LynseyAddario. Story online, and in our May Issue with photographs by Lynsey Addario, portraits by @WayneLawrence, and story by @LeilaFadelNPR. Caption: Children in South Los Angeles celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, at a picnic co-sponsored by Islah LA, a Black Muslim community center. Led by Imam Jihad Saafir, the center works to promote community, education, and social and economic empowerment. #MuslimsinAmerica #Muslims #Islam #photojournalism #Lynseyaddario @npr #lynseyaddario #onassignment

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Last night’s recipient of the MVP Helmet? You guessed it! It’s Sidney Crosby.

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During fashion month, @adutakech was everywhere—walking the runways with slicked smoky eyes at @tomford, a bright lilac mouth at @maxmara, and a bare strobed face at @ysl. But as any rising model learns quickly, a jet-setting, nonstop show circuit can take a toll on one’s complexion. Fortunately for Akech, she’s got a bulletproof nighttime regimen that, against all odds, keeps her skin perpetually healthy and glowing. Tap the link in our bio to watch the full video. Filmed at @thestandard.

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Fresh whites and pops of pink steal @lonestarsouthern's spring chic attire | Shop her style in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app when you screenshot this pic | http://liketk.it/2vkOS #liketkit #shopbop #strawbag #rattanbag #statementearrings #whatiwore #styletip #wiw #fblogger #beachdress

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Photo by @michaelmelford- Celebrating this year the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers act. Designated by Congress starting in 1968 to protect stretches of free-flowing rivers in perpetuity! This is the Allagash river in Maine that has 92.5 miles of wild river. From the source at the top of Mt Katahdin the wilderness waterway stretches northward as far as the can see. I will be celebrating all year long with different rivers shot on assignment come and see @michaelmelford @natgeocreative #wilderness #rivers #maine #moon @natgeofineart

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Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Pinnacles of wind-eroded sandstone appear almost mystical through the haze of a sandstorm. For the first hour of the morning, the winds were light enough to fly in the hot dusty air. #Sahara #paraglider #looksgoodyougofirst To see more of our world from above follow @geosteinmetz

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Flying over the city ~ Barcelona, Spain Photo: @rarespulbere Congrats!