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If you’re happy it’s Friday, send me a GIF. #TGIF @johncena

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Tomorrow I have a very big star as my guest host... and I mean big. @johncena

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You can’t say Lily Tomlin and @JaneFonda don’t have a sense of humor.

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I dare you not to dance to this song. @teyanataylor


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This is our new show, “A Decent Proposal” hosted by Hannah Hart. I love it so much. Thank you, @harto. Watch it all on ellentube.com/hart

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I might be in the wrong profession. #TBT

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This video is going to be huge. Don't miss my teaser clip tomorrow. #WeLoveTheEarth @lildickygram

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Happy Easter Week from us two bunnies. @taylorswift

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@BritMarling and @ianaiexander are paving the way for trans actors.