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@officialyoungdylan is the perfect start to your 3-day weekend.

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It’s the final episode of Season 1 of #TheBuildUp! Check it out on ellentube.com.


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Remind me to spend next Thanksgiving at @Pink’s House.

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I was so flattered to be a part of this magical moment.

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Nobody got more action in high school than @Charlizeafrica’s arm. Tomorrow.


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@sir_twitch_alot gave everyone in my audience a dozen roses. Thanks, Roses Only. And the always incredible @Hollywood_vines.

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@RebelWilson and 4 kindergartners just swiped left on your Tinder. I apologize.

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My audience goes nuts for Wally the Walnut and @cawalnuts.

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Who needs chocolates and flowers when you have this?