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After this, Costco told me that I wouldn’t “Becoming” back to this store. @MichelleObama


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Thank you, @iamJeannieK, for doing something so wonderful for this incredible family. #FirstEver

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One of my favorite things about my show is surprising people. That and the free coffee.

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Celebrities are just like us. They get carded at Stagecoach.

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Bradley Cooper answers all of my #BurningQuestions. Tell me something, boy.


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Send me your favorite summer photos! Use #EllenSummerPhotos and tag @ellentube. Just don’t drop your phone in the pool while you do it.

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I hid tiny microphones in my audience... and heard some very interesting things.

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. In which case, I’m very flattered. Keep ‘em coming! Send your scares to @ellentube.

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My audience comes to have a good time, but some of them also come here to crush it on the dance floor.

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@mary.halsey.5 gave an incredible performance of @missymisdemeanorelliott‘s “Work It.” It was so memorable, I had to bring Missy Elliot here to see it. This is one of my favorite moments of the whole season.