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Trust “The Process” and check out UA family member @joelembiid on the latest episode of #5MinutesFromHome link in bio #sqUAd


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Just a reminder that one small gesture can lead to something truly special 🙏🏽! From a handwritten note 📝 to a $30k scholarship for Vivian Wu to pursue higher education in STEM. Riley Morrison changed the game. Happy for @ayeshacurry & I to be a part of this journey... #internationalwomensday

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Celebrating the women in my life today & every day! 🙏🏽 love y’all for who you are & who you’re made to be! #internationalwomensday

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Proud to support these talented young women at the third stop of the Underrated Tour Powered by Rakuten! Catch the full version of this and more on @RakutenArena #internationalwomensday #IWD

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Now that’s how you open up @internationalsmoke #3! Congrats baby! y’all work y’alls butt off to bring the best to anybody who sits down at the spot! Hype for you and the whole team! 🍾

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Unreal experience sharing the stage with #44 @barackobama. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of @mbk_alliance and galvanizing the community to support our boys and young men of color!


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Charlotte- it’s been real! Unbelievable experience being home and celebrating family and basketball! Congrats @easymoneysniper on the MVP! And @klaythompson...gotcha! 6x

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1992 to 2019. always repping the QC! #buzzcity #dcfor3

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Supporting the community that supported me! Renovated the Carole Hoefener with @underarmour, @chase and my family, giving kids a safe space to invest in themselves. I see you mama!

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Unbelievable night back at home with @davidsonbasketball. Got the W, fresh uni’s on deck! Some things never change #tcc #greatdaytobeawildcat

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Guess what day it is.....back in the QC for All-Star with my #foreverlove