Ashley C. Ford

Ashley C. Ford

@smashfizzle Writer. Host of PROFILE for @buzzfeednews. BK via IN. Forthcoming = “Somebody’s Daughter” from @flatiron_books. Rep’d by @beotiscreative & @mmqlit.

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I’m going to share more of what I’m reading around here. I need more book talk in my life. What are you reading?

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I answered some questions for the good folks at @loupnyc and they made me look pretty damn cute in return 😍 Link to the interview is in my bio & these gorgeous photos were taken by @juliahembreesmith 🙌🏾


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We had a great time! Also this movie was scary as hell 😃

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Me and my grandma. This painting was done by my friend @sheer_awe, and this photo was taken by @hannayowell for @novellanyc.

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On Saturday I’ll be interviewing @jordanpeele and cast of “Us” LIVE at SXSW for PROFILE! I’ll be sure to share the link the day of! Anybody who knows my spooky ass heart knows I’M SO EXCITED I COULD DIE 🙌🏾

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A very good dress. It’s from @rachel_roy and Styled by @ashleyfalcon. Makeup by @facethedayny.

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I can not properly convey what an amazing time I had with the @novellanyc crew. Imagine a room lit up with the faces of women & non-binary writers who just want to tell good stories. That’s always a room I want to be in. I’m so grateful to have shared space & time (and LAUGHS!) with this group. I’m all lit up now too. And special thanks to @wearlively for providing the space! 📸: Hanna Yowell


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I really loved hanging out with the folks from @girlsnightinclub. This is one of my favorite shots from our morning hang, @heathersten! Thanks for the jumpsuit, @loupnyc 😍

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The good stuff has arrived.

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A real one starts daycare today! She continues to be unimpressed by most adults, and we continue to stan her brilliant indifference 🙌🏾 Ti-Ti loves you, Ava! 📸: @_kyleighmor

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Honored to be interviewed by the lovely folks over at @girlsnightinclub. Link in bio. Photos by @heathersten. Dress from @loupnyc.

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I took this photo the day after Kelly flew from Seattle to Indiana to ask me if I was seeing anybody. He introduced me to his parents & his sister. I introduced him to my favorite tree. He told me he loved me. He’s the only person I’ve seen ever since. Happy Valentine’s Day, My Loves ❤️