Ashley C. Ford

Ashley C. Ford

@smashfizzle Writer. Host of PROFILE for @buzzfeednews. BK via IN. Forthcoming = “Somebody’s Daughter” from @flatiron_books. Rep’d by @beotiscreative & @mmqlit.

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I’m so excited about this I could cry. Too late I’m crying.

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Happy Father’s Day to me as I emotionally re-parent myself.


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My goddaughter at the airport is the epitome of a ~mood~ 😍🤣😍

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Guess who came over? @apartmenttherapy!!! And they took photos & videos of me, Kelly, and Astro hanging out in our little apartment. We talk books, records, The Hulk, dancing, cooking, but mostly laughing :) I hope you feel welcome in our home 😊 (link in bio duhhhhhhh)

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When you listened to @theestallion on your way to the function 🤣 Anyway, shoutout to @ezinneihuoma for putting together this superstar panel to talk love & self-respect at @the.wing DUMBO 🙌🏾

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Loving the love between these two. Congratulations, @steviwagg & Daniel 💜

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I’m bad in Louisiana.


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Lady night was awesome. Thanks for having me as your date, @lee_minjin 😍 #PENGala

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How’s your day going? Probably better now that you’ve seen my baby cousin. 📸: @noteyana_notaylor #ZariTheHashbrown

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I did a fun talk. It’s in my bio. I hope you like it.