SHAPE: fitness, beauty, celebs

SHAPE: fitness, beauty, celebs

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@kategrantmodel just became the first #BenefitCosmetics ambassador with down syndrome. "She embodied everything we stand for as a brand so we knew we had to find a way to work with her."- a rep from the team. Tap the link in bio to learn more about this campaign and how Kate is paving the way for women behing her.

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"My journey is continuous and went from weight loss, to weight gain, to less muscle, to now more muscle mass. I began genetically thin and throughout my teenage years, my diet was horrible, which lead to unhealthy habits and poor dieting. Once I identified who I no longer wanted to be, my health and fitness journey began. Yes, it has had its ups and downs (still does) but this journey has put me in tune with not just the outside, but the inside. I am learning how my body works." @brittnebabe. Tap the link in bio for more dramatic #10yearchallenge photos from some of our favorite fitness influencers you have to see to believe.


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"When you’re workin but babies gotta eat πŸΌπŸ’•" #KateHudson is the face of fitness-life balance we all need right now. The new mom and WW ambassador opens up about the pressure to be the perfect "Instagram mom," why she doesn't care about fitting into her old jeans, and how she finally got excited about yoga. Tap the link in bio for the inside scoop. πŸ“·: @ninomunoz

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This full-body #TRX and medicine ball workout is NO JOKE πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Try 12-15reps on each side for 2 rounds πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Tag someone who needs to see this #TrainerTrick from @oj_istayfit

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Ready for wine o'clock 🍷 via @missguided

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New obsession: house plants. Tap the link in bio to learn how to set up greenery in your home for maximum health benefits. πŸ“·: @bei.bei.wei

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Looking for that specific pair of leggings like... via @tinkerbellethedog


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Need a quick hit of workout motivation? #VanessaHudgens did an intense "Sunday Funday" workout this weekend and our muscles are quivering just by watching. Tap the link in bio to try a @dogpound-style workout at homeΒ πŸ“Ή: @kirkmyersfitness

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Get ready for a new workout, Goal Crushers! This week's routine uses a medicine ball to work your body in super-dynamic ways. The best part? It can be done with a partner or solo. So grab your BGF (best gym friend) and get sweaty. Want more? Tap the link in bio for more workouts, meal ideas and tips from @jenwiderstrom #ShapeGoal40

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Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical ❄️ via @seachiic