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Challenge expectations to break through new barriers. Two athletes will show what it takes with an incredible new challenge on tonight’s episode of @NBCTitanGames, 8/7c on @NBC. #AtlasSmash

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TOMORROW @NBCTitanGames and @TheRock reveal a grueling new challenge that will physically and mentally push an FDNY firefighter and a Purple Heart recipient to channel their inner Titan potential. Join us in the #TITANARENA tomorrow at 8/7c only on @NBC.


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The Park City snow doesn't stand a chance against @FightingWMyFam's hysterical, heartwarming true story of @RealPaigeWWE and her family. We are pleased to announce @TheRock @DanyGarciaCo and @HHgarcia41 are heading to @SundanceOrg to introduce the film for the first time. More details in our bio.

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Remember when @TheRock predicted that our @NBCTitanGames women would steal the show? 🔮Find out if he's onto something TONIGHT at 8/7c on @NBC, and follow along on Twitter for more live tweets throughout the show. #TitanGames

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The road to #MtOlympus requires incredible physical strength. Making it to the TOP of Mt. Olympus can only happen with equal mental fortitude. These @NBCTitanGames competitors face off TOMORROW night at 8/7C in an incredible must-see episode. Only on @NBC #IfICanDoThisICanDoAnything

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TONIGHT the @NBCTitanGames journey begins for 64 of the world's toughest and most inspiring athletes. Join us for the 2-hour premiere event and witness the grueling insanity @TheRock created for the largest comeptition series of its kind. Get an early peek at tonight's episode by clicking the link in our bio, then join us on @NBC at 8/7c.

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...And to all a good night! Wishing a happy and peaceful holiday to our audiences, partners and friends around the world. 🌎


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This FEBRUARY, we're proud to bring you the incredible true story of @RealPaigeWWE and her family's crazy, quirky antics that helped propel her into wrestling stardom. Get ready for @StephenMerchant's brilliant comedic take on a family that fights a little differently. @FightingWMyFam

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Blood, sweat and respect are variables in this competition. Insanity is a guarantee. Join us on JANUARY 3 as we enter TITAN CITY and watch these everyday athletes push themselves past their physical and emotional limits in order to transform into TITANS. Only on @NBC. Link in bio for the full look at Titan City. @ASmithCoProd #UniversalTelevisionAlternative

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The countdown to the most epic and exhilarating athletic competition is on. In one month, join us for the premiere of @NBCTitanGames, where the limits and potential of everyday people will be challenged. Watch more of what’s ahead in our bio. #Jan3 @NBC @ASmithCoProd

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The seed of an idea that would later grow into one of the world’s most valuable brands was planted when Steve Jobs took a stroll through an Apple orchard. But #WhatReallyHappened on that walk? This week, @AndrewJenks dives into the the lesser known factors that may have contributed to the rise of Apple and its innovative approach. Click our bio to tune in on @ApplePodcasts.

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Work up a healthy #Thanksgiving appetite with this exclusive, action-packed look at our upcoming competition series @NBCTitanGames. If you're hungry for even more, join us January 3rd on @NBC, where Titans aren't born, they are made! Full trailer in our bio. #HappyThanksgiving