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Thank you to the millions of listeners around the world who have been captivated by the question, #WhatReallyHappened? Preview the fascinating, truth-seeking stories still yet to come in Season 2. Click our bio to catch up with our hit podcast series by acclaimed documentarian @AndrewJenks.

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This February, follow a family that fights a little differently. @FightingWMyFam is the incredible and hilarious true story of @RealPaigeWWE and her wrestling-fanatic family, who will do whatever it takes to realize their dreams inside the ring. Watch the full trailer in our bio. @MGM_Studios #FightingWithMyFamily


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On JANUARY 3rd, we invite you to join our @NBCTitanGames series premiere event by stepping into The Titan Games arena for the biggest and most thrilling competition series of its kind. From the sidelines to the peak of Mt. Olympus, our contestants will be pushed to their limits. Because Titans aren't born, they are made. Tune in on @NBC this JANUARY. @ASmithCoProd #UniversalTelevisionAlternative

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In 2009, the media went wild over a 6-year-old boy who was reportedly trapped 7,000 feet in the air inside a helium-filled balloon. This week @AndrewJenks uncovers #WhatReallyHappened when the hot air balloon ascended into the sky and gave rise to international headlines and hoax theories. Listen in our bio.

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The first official trailer for @NBCTitanGames is here, and we’re giving you a glimpse inside the amazing journey our competitors will take on this January. From the moment they get the call from @TheRock, to the final face-off on Mount Olympus, every moment in this series will be filled with heart, emotion and epic action. Click our bio to see what is to come on @NBC.

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President Bill Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin were ready to change the world. Newly released transcripts reveal a sincere friendship. But as time went on, things got complicated. #WhatReallyHappened? Click our bio to listen to the new episode.

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There's Hobbs. There's Shaw. And then there's the hell raisers in between. Welcome to @IdrisElba and @Vanessa__Kirby, who have joined the fun alongside @TheRock and @JasonStatham on #HobbsAndShaw. @UniversalPictures Photo: @HHGarcia41


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Cound it be a coindidence that musicians Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse all died at the young age of 27? Listen in our bio as @AndrewJenks unravels #WhatReallyHappened to the beloved talents of #The27Club.

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Pack your bags and save the date! @DisneysJungleCruise sails into theaters JULY 24, 2020 and you're invited! Join @TheRock & #EmilyBlunt on the adventure of a lifetime. #JUNGLECRUISE

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#WhatReallyHappened when the most famous comedian retreated from the public eye in the middle of taping his hit Comedy Central TV show? @AndrewJenks seeks answers as to why #DaveChapelle decided to take a time out and walk away from 50 million dollars.

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Welcome to the @NBCTitanGames Combine, scientifically engineered to indentify the everyday people who are ready to realize their greatest emotional and physical potential. Thousands applied, and only a few will continue on to compete in The Titan Games arena. We're proud to bring you The Titan Games on January 2, 2019. @ASmithCoProd @NBC #UniversalTelevisionAlternative