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Serena Williams

@serenawilliams I’m Olympia’s mom. @serena ships WORLDWIDE.

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Playing solo this time 😉

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@kalliminor and I have a lot in common—we both love tennis, and we both know what it’s like to be a young girl growing up in Compton. This courageous 12-year-old is launching a quarterly tennis clinic to give kids just like her the opportunity to learn how to play. Kalli knows equality doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen. With kids like her in the game, it’s only a matter of time until we all win. What does #untilweallwin mean to you? #BHM


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This week, my “S” stands for Serena. My @Serena S Melbourne shirts are limited and available online. Link in bio. #ThisMama realized last week I had not had a proper pedicure since before I had Olympia (I now paint my own nails fun but not as relaxing). She is 16 months now!!! I used to go every week as a way to relax. It was literally my favorite thing to do. But ever since I had the baby, I feel overwhelmed with guilt if I want to take “Serena” time. As a working mom, I feel like my “extra” time should be spent with my daughter. I have been told a million times (and even by you all) to take care of myself so I can take care of my child. I hear it, but it’s harder to put into practice as a first time mom. Do any of you ever experience mom guilt? Stresses of life can really get to you and I finally decided to take the first step in doing something for me. So every Saturday or Sunday I try to take time to do something for me (even if it’s just an hour). So to my fellow moms and dads out there: don’t forget to give yourself a little love too. #thismama #thisdaddy Get your limited “S” Melbourne and show me YOUR ‘S’ at the Aussie Open or by tagging @serena


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Never be satisfied. #CODE1159 by Audemars Piguet.

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Some things never change

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As I head into next year it’s not about what we can do it’s what we MUST do as working moms and working dads. Anything is possible. I am getting ready for the first match of the year and my dear sweet baby @olympiaohanian was tired and sad and simply needed mama’s love. So if it means warming up and stretching while holding my baby that’s what #thismama will do. My fellow moms and dads working- or stay home it’s equally as intense- but you inspire me. Hearing your stories makes me know I can do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year is to you! What are some things you had to do while working? #thismama #thisdaddy