Timur Sardarov

Timur Sardarov

@sardarovtimur Human being at mvagusta.com and ourhabitas.com

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7.9K    13    2 months ago

Office diaries from Varese!

6.9K    6    3 months ago

There is a big world out there! @rrsardarov

6.9K    39    3 months ago

My first jump! Loved it! Getting license for sure! Hello 2019!!

6.3K    26    3 months ago

Lets make this year our best!!! Welcome 2019

5.6K    1    3 months ago

Bye 2018! Thank you for everything!


9K    39    3 months ago

What a trip, what a group!

8.8K    31    3 months ago

Crazy holiday from every point of view!

9.6K    27    3 months ago

Journey continues! Santa is flying us! @mg_unofficial

5.5K    11    3 months ago

Merry Christmas from the greatest bunch of people that i know!

472    21    3 months ago

Woman is the most amazing creature that God created! Merry Christmas everyone....