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5.3K    18    9 days ago

What an EICMA 2018!!, What a crew!!! What a product!!! What a feedback!!! We are truly different from tip to toe from everyone else in the our industry! We have delivered 11 tons of Apples and got The Bike of the Year Award! That says it all! See you next year Milano! @alessia_riboni you and your team are our superstars! Thank you very much for your passion and dedication! #forzamvagusta @mvagustamotor @mvagusta.gc

5.5K    14    10 days ago

Mv Agusta Brutale 1000 officially Bike of Year. Huge thank you to our amazing team, that spend 3 years on this project @mvagusta.gc , @brian.gillen73 , @mvmonkee , @_paolobianchi_ and to every man and women in MV family! @mvagustamotor


5.8K    16    15 days ago

Please welcome SuperVeloce Ottocento!

5.7K    14    16 days ago

The new legend! Brutale 1000! 212bhp, the most powerful production naked bike ever made!

6K    115    19 days ago

I’m incredibly proud to announce that today I have assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer at MV Agusta, the most exclusive brand in the entire motorcycle industry. A myth sanctioned by the 75 world GP titles gained and celebrated through the most technologically advanced motorbikes capable of conquering the appreciation of enthusiasts and experts alike. I am honored by the trust I received from our Board and our employees. From today onwards my goal is for MV Agusta to once again take the center stage amongst the most recognized Italian brands in the world. I look forward to working closely with our team of incredibly skilled engineers, designers and managers to bring back the glory and significance that a brand like MV Agusta deserves. Thank you for your support @mvagusta.gc

5.7K    14    1 month ago

The culmination of 20 years refinement of one of the most incredible and important motorcycle platforms ever created, The F4! F4 Claudio is dedicated to the Man, that created the Italian motorcycle industry as we know today, Claudio Castiglioni! #gonein60seconds #irobotmovie #matrixreloaded #batman #mvagusta

9.1K    9    2 months ago

This weekend was incredible, visiting Château Margaux, Petrus and Luis XIII during harvest time with best crew, its real blessings! Thank you @pierrejuhen and @florianheriarddubreuil for organising this unforgettable experience! No one can fuck with us with wine now, we have learned a lot!:)))


8.7K    10    3 months ago

The highlight of our trip was a sitting down for 2 hours with Nepalese Lama, His Holiness Khenpo Nawang Jorden and learning about main Buddhists values and understanding complicated relationship between Spiritual and Political communities in Tibet. Truly incredible Philosophy based on pure Love and Compassion, easy to understand and to follow. !

8.9K    5    3 months ago

Everest to this in 1 day!

8.4K    15    3 months ago

The highest pass in the world 5250m... the road goes on!

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When 1000s of prayers (mantras) are blowing in your face....