Saraswat Basu

Saraswat Basu

@saraswatbasu A hopeless wanderer. SXCS.

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86    17    29 days ago

It's been 5 years , this bastard (@soura_jit ) is yet to take a good pic of mine !


79    2    2 months ago

Trying to fulfill the "big brother" role .

66    5    2 months ago

It starts with a boy too old to be a kid, too young to be a man. It ends with a boy holding tight onto his mother and by doing so he can finally let her go. ~A Monster Calls. P.S - This is not Groot . #amonstercalls #digitalart #fantasy #monster #philosophy #amitynoida

81    3    3 months ago

Hiding hopelessness behind the smiles .

49    1    3 months ago

Let's be honest , the first time wasn't going to be perfect. Trying to take art into the digital world . #batmanwholaughs #darknightmetal @ssnyder1835 #dc #dccomics #sketchable

70    2    3 months ago

Pollution creates some of the best sunrises #noida #sunrises


98    1    3 months ago

Garden Of The Gods with My Family And Other Animals. Corfu was exactly as Durrell had described it. #corfu #greece #durrell

90    1    4 months ago

The blues and whites of Santorini ❤️

72    0    4 months ago

It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her. #greece #delphi #athens