@rinihardyan not a morning person🌿

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18    0    4 days ago

Why do I miss you so much more today? I hesitantly looked through memories of you And it’s bearable, because in the pictures Your face is smiling back at me It looks like it could snow (already, look outside) You can’t be too late (promise me) So I don’t accidentally miss you on my way Now all I do (all I do) All I do is wait ~ I'm waiting for you.... wait ~ 🎼


33    17    4 days ago

Softblock. Thank u, next.

20    0    20 days ago

I dont need a holiday, I need a holiYEAR.


18    3    20 days ago

Matcha Redbean, sesungguhnya ini hijau banget tapi karna salah milih efek jd jelek! Bete!🤡