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Renan Ozturk

@renan_ozturk @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊

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We always used to fly home from the Himalaya through Thailand to breath the sea level oxygen, indulge in fresh fruit and get pumped out of ours minds on the steep limestone cliffs. ~ Good sketchbook memories from the days before I owned a camera. #art #process

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Simple movements revealing great riches in a remote corner of (what was formerly) #bearsearsnationalmonument. This is the kind of wealth that has fed the spirits of humans for thousands of years, the kind that will always eclipse short term profits for mineral extraction. ~ Follow @protectbearsears to learn more about hidden power of this place. ~ [Bears Ears personal collection shot with @kylor @djiglobal #inspire2 and the 50mm to compress the layers of 500-800ft tall towers!]


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The whole village gathered to say goodbye and I took it as a sign to make portraits of as many of the resilient individuals as possible. ~ Please check our @dzifoundation for the incredible things happening in this remote region of Nepal. #nepalibluesteel #nepaliloveyou @natgeo #thelasthoneyhunter collection [@sonyalpha a7riii with the 85mm Gmaster // see stories for more shooting specs]

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A peaceful moment sketching Balti porter loads on the way into the Karakoram Himalaya. #sketchbook #art

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Sharing the work of a fellow photographer Igreatly admire in the time of need - please read below and lend your voice 🙏🏽 Photo by @FransLanting The Asiatic cheetah is facing a death sentence. Fewer than 50 survive—and only in Iran. But some of the best people dedicated to saving these unique cats from extinction are now in jail for their work and may even face the death penalty. They’ve been accused of using camera traps for espionage. But camera traps are only good for one thing—to capture images of animals at close range just like you see here. This rare image of a cheetah in Iran was captured by one of my camera traps while on assignment for @NatGeo. I worked there with permission and support of Iran’s Department of Environment, and with several of the excellent Iranian scientists who have been arrested. They belong to the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, but they worked closely with the government, and yet they are now on trial—for charges that are politically motivated. This is horrible for the individuals involved, but it is also a tragedy for the animal which faces extinction. And that is a great loss for everyone in Iran because the Asiatic cheetah is a powerful symbol for Iran’s unique natural heritage. If you care about cheetahs in Asia and the plight of the people whose mission is to protect them, please go to the link in my Instagram profile to read the story NatGeo just published and spread the word about it. You can also sign a petition to express your concern at Care2. Search for “conservationists face death penalty in Iran." @hassanrouhani @jzarif @hediyehtehrany @Reza_Kianian_Official @mitra.hajjar @raisi_org @FedericaMog @leonardodicaprio @hope4nature #ConservationIsNotaCrime #FreeIranianConservationists #anyhopefornature #hope4nature ⁩⁩ #wildlife #conservation #cheetahs #bigcats اميد_براى_طبيعت #

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Collaboration is king. Especially in filmmaking where time and time again it’s just kindness, hard work and enabling the skills of your greater team that creates work that stands the test of time. ~ Pictured here @camp4collective partners in storytelling @timkemple @ansonfogel earlier this week in LA celebrating the success of an ambitious celebration of earth coming soon. So many people collaborated on this spot including all time greats like @bchendrix @ladzinski @andy_mann @rudy.le @thoreninthe_sea @daharbfilm @msmichellewang @lazerlegs and many many more.

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Part of a 10ft long glued together ‘patchwork mosaic’ of watercolor paper pieces. Created during my dirtbag climbing life days where I was hitch hiking with climbing buddies from one landscape to the next. During this time in @zionnps I was living with @cedarwright out of his 1980’s Camry sedan, going hard with the first ascents and art. We were scrappy AF and it was before smart phones and social media. In some ways we have come so far in our art forms and careers and in others it will never be that pure. #goodmemories #art #process #spiltmilk


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The ‘castles in the sand’ obsession continues with @chrisburkard and crew. Mother nature went big with the fortifications guarding this one. ~ [@sonyalpha a7riii with the 16-35mm 2.8 and a @tiffencompany circular polarizer for that extra pop] ~ @rudy.le @irving_matthew @snackfarmer @_ryanhill_ @camp4collective @adorama @manfrottoimaginemore @shanedenherder @superflychris @thecameradivision @a.j._crankshaw @michelefleury #natureismetal

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Badass elders of the Hongu Valley, Nepal. They only put up serious portrait sessions for so long until breaking into laugher and joy. #strengthtraining ~ @sonyalpha @camp4collective @adorama @natgeo

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Sketchbook process: a lot of my art has been with found materials - cardboard from dumpsters, bic pens from the Yosemite Lodge or pigments from the landscape itself. In more recent years I’ve invested in more fancy utensils, my favorite being ‘Tombow’ dual brush pens which I start most pieces with. They flow quickly and bleed like watercolors when wet, allowing you to pull shapes out with a brush and water after the initial gesture. #art #process #karakorum

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Sharing important and inspiring work of fellow @sonyalpha artisan @cristinamittermeier!! Please read below and take action ✊🏽 ~ Today, I'm lighting a beacon of solidarity with Norway and @Folkeaksjonen for an #OilFreeLofoten. Marine life in the Lofoten region of northern Norway is robust, healthy and unique. The oil industry wants to drill in the waters off the coast; but since 2001, this remote corner of Norway has been protected by a temporary ban on oil activity. The ban has been successfully renewed six times with relentless support from local communities, municipalities, sustainable fisheries and the international community. On April 7, Norway’s Labour Party @arbeiderpartiet will decide if it his region deserves permanent protection from oil exploration. Help me tell them that protecting Lofoten is absolutely the right thing to do - for Norway, for the oceans, for our future. 🌊 HOW YOU CAN HELP: 1. Tag 3 friends in this post 2. Sign the petition (link in my bio 👆) 3. Light up your social media in support of an #OilFreeLofoten. Repost this graphic and help us create an international, cross-platform of beacons.🔥🔥🔥🔥 The larger our network of "beacons," the stronger the signal we send! . . . #Norway #ocean #conservation #community #lofoten #oslo #tromso #fjords #orca #nature #environment

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*link in bio* In honor of International Women's Day, the latest @camp4collective episode of Jaybird’s Run Wild film series is live! The film follows Jaybird athlete @rorybosio to the small farming village of Bekoji, Ethiopia, to explore the country’s deep roots in distance running and see how the Girls Gotta Run Foundation is helping young girls create a brighter future through running. @Girlsgottarun is dedicated to using Ethiopia’s national sport of running to create safe spaces, expand education and empower young Ethiopian women and their communities. In honor of #IWD2019, Jaybird is setting out to help make a difference for women in Bekoji, Ethiopia by supporting the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. Jaybird’s goal is to provide every member of Girls Gotta Run with a new pair of running shoes and a running outfit. Five dollars of every Jaybird headphone purchase in March will go directly to supporting Girls Gotta Run, and every $75 we raise provides one girl with a full running kit—join Jaybird in helping empower and create a brighter future for Ethiopian women. Click the link to watch the full episode and learn more. #runwild #poweryourpassion #girlsgottarun @jaybirdsport @timkemple @scubastevie @lazerlegs @dannyromerotaff @etteloc @joshuaparker @kdn_ @lazerlegs