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Renan Ozturk

@renan_ozturk ART + CULTURE + LANDSCAPE @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director

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There is big magic in the envelope of atmosphere hovering just above the wrinkled topography of earth. @chrisburkard @shanedenherder @Superflychris

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Waves and particles illuminating the ancestral caves of this one, magnificent connected land. #protectbearsears @protectbearsears


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The landscape and light encountered while shooting the new @tincupwhiskey tv #ad was moody and memorable. Lucky to be able to bond with friends old and new during this production and raise a glass together to the spirit of the mountains! With @shayd_johnson @isaacsjohnston @nathanielatakora @bookofsamuel @max.lowe #MountainWhiskey

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Illuminated nights in the Milford Sound. Our team had set up a number of timelapses that night and in the morning we couldn’t find one of our cameras which was in a fairly open spot. After running around the area asking, someone pointed us to the fisherman’s ship yard. One of the boat crew had found it and worried a tourist might grab it so he wrapped the camera in cloth and was already writing the “Found” note. He quizzed @taylorfreesolo who went to retrieve it on how she set up our custom keys and quick buttons as a way to verify it was ours, which was a clever idea! Such good people on that incredible island. #newzealand #geniemini @sonyalpha @syrp_

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Congrats @gatherfilm team! Huge thanks to the private donor from the @doclands #docpitch event who is stepping up to help get this film over the finish line. @mrsanjayr @sterlinharjo @thechristineschantz @taylorfreesolo @twila_cassadore_ @apachefarmer @nephi_craig #mae

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It’s a huge joy to be able to regularly explore nature and share my love for incredible landscapes like these on social media. It’s also important to strive for balance between your life online and off, the time in nature and the time I spent editing photos like these on the computer. This discussion is something I’m sharing with @chrisburkard and company with our work for the @Honda Passport. #HondaPartner #300ftChallenge

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Changing your perspective with a high vantage point can help you prioritize what really matters. Like landscapes as a whole and the need to conserve them as such. I’m grateful to have caught this view from 300 feet above the Utah desert on a shoot for the @Honda Passport a few weeks ago with @ChrisBurkard and crew. #HondaPartner #300ftChallenge


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Misty brush moves. Sitting a bit dumbfounded after the Khumbu mist has just fully removed my last watercolor wash, all the colors bleeding into a cesspool in the middle of the canvas. Nothing to do but let the landscape play its role and push on. With @dzifoundation @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @thenorthface_climb

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The late great @hansjoergauer pushing creativity across the canvas of earth. @thenorthface

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Sentinel standing guard in a remote rebel Congo community. Shot during the @natgeochannel project following the path of illicit gold. ~ I’ve actually never used a strobe in my photography but would love it some day in a slower more ‘controlled’ type assignment. In the meantime it’s remarkable what you can pull together figure painting on your phone in post. @sonyalpha @taylorfreesolo @j.j.kelley

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The late great Ross Lynn on the guitar at Tawoche basecamp in the Khumbu Himalaya. We had just finished volunteering at the @khumbuclimbingcenter teaching Sherpas and other high altitude workers climbing skills before attempting a new climb of our own with an all time crew of soul climbers. @northernalpineguides @kephoto @whitmagro

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Kathmandu archives. It’s always grounding to do some ambulations around Boudhanath stupah with the hundreds of locals and pilgrims before any journey into the Himalaya. [shot with @tiffencompany CP and @sonyalpha a7riii] #nepaliloveyou