Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk

@renan_ozturk @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊

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Desert simplicity. 11 hours on the move, two tower summits and two 2:30 am driving missions. ~ Playing in the sandbox with @parkcitydesignbuild yesterday on Sister Superior and Castleton desert towers. #desertalpine @thenorthface_climb #smashandgrab

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A quick gesture of a few Chortens in Mustang Nepal. Sometimes when I go so fast that I barley look at the paper, things are such a simple representation of moment that I leave them be...without colors or finishing. ~ Part of my time in the MUSTANG, Nepal (remote Tibetan Plateau) with @mreverest7x exploring cliff cave cities with a team of archeologists, Scientists, tibetologists and climbers. We found human reminds, ancient pre-Buddhist texts to study... @kephoto @coryrichards #art #sketchbook


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💥FULL FILM NOW FREE ONLINE💥 // Crossing the drake passage on a small boat with legendary captain Jerome Poncet in order to explore the steepest riding of @xavierdelerue’s career might have been the most visually memorable expedition of my life. Happy to learn that the full 38min ‘MISSION ANTARCTIC’ film with @xavierdelerue and @dirtbag.wannabe1 is now on YouTube! It was so much fun shooting this with the talented @timelinemissions team of @guidoperrini and @repomeister —>It was the age before drones and we took off on skis with a tandem paraglider setup and a handheld @reddigitalcinema camera for the aerials and documented as much of the diverse ecosystem as possible. ~ This film is more adventure and action focused but I hope it serves the purpose to create empathy for what is at stake in our rapidly changing climate. Thanks for checking it! ~ @thenorthface #turningthetide #missionantarctic @sealegacy @sonyalpha #bealpha @camp4collective

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Yaks on the the long road home from Everest basecamp. The lulling sound of their bells, the fresh snow fall and the lack of trekkers in this moment is what makes this simple phone photo special to me. And the fact that our film set out to tell the story of the highest point on Earth purely from the indigenous Sherpa perspective - If you haven’t see @jenpeedom’s masterpiece SHERPA it’s on Amazon and other digital platforms! #sherpafilm ~ @thenorthface #wallsaremeantforclimbing @adorama

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Pine needles, dirt and granite scars on the sketchbook. Nothing in life or art really goes perfectly as planned. The quicker I learned to embrace the things I couldn’t control the more I fell in love with the process of making art in these wild landscapes. ~ @yosemitenps @thenorthface_climb

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Going hard with the training this year so far. Inspired by @coryrichards I signed up for the whole @stevehouse10 @uphill_athlete training program. It’s a bit painful and honestly I hate the gym training aspect and prefer just pushing myself outdoors. But it’s inevitable part of the game these days if you want to be as hard to kill as possible in the big mountains. I’ll keep y’all posted as it all evolves and it makes some bigger dream a reality! #training #himalaya @adorama [@sonyalpha A7s image from the @thenorthface @natgeo #MyanmarClimb collection]

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Ancestral dwellings and sandstone lines that look like they were painted white intricately by hand. The magic of sub-zero temp and a snow squall in a remote corner of what was formerly #bearsearsnationalmonument. ~ The depths and diversity of this space are no doubt one of the most ‘charged’ landscapes on the planet with its natural beauty and spiritual significance for many Native communities. ~ The best place to get educated before visiting is @protectbearsears - there is a lot to learn about etiquette both ecologically/culturally as more humans inevitably visit the area. ~ Shot with @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild #Inspire2 #ZenmuseX7 #CrystalSkyMonitor #DJIBatteryStation #DJIcreator @DJIglobal @thenorthfaceclimb @adorama


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Diving into an old @yosemitenps sketchbook. The black trees are composed of super thick India Ink, the and the green is mostly pastel with watercolor skies. Always fun experimenting on a small scale before committing to the bigger canvases! #art #process #chongonation @thenorthface_climb

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Painting in elements means that you often have to hit your clear weather windows much like climbing. For this piece I only had a short about of time (24hrs) so I ended up shooting a lot of photography and creating a big stitch on location to look at certain details of the mountains on the computer when the clouds rolled in so I could keep painting nonstop. #method #art [Frame from a 5,000 image raw photo @sonyalpha Time-Lapse sequence with @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @dzifoundation] @manfrottoimaginemore @adorama @thenorthface_climb

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Formative times on the road living in @joshuatreenps for the winter. Didn’t own a cell phone, camera or car at this point but religiously kept up the practice of art and climbing. #dirtbagdays #simplelife @thenorthface_climb

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Another reinforcement of my belief that the most memorable moments in the Himalaya aren’t always climbing the high peaks - it’s the simple human interaction in between. With @dzifoundation @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral [@sonyalpha with 35mm at F1.4] #nepaliloveyou