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@reesewitherspoon Hi y’all! ☀️

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Summertime in the city! Any tips on fun things to do in #NYC? 🗽🚕 🍎

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“What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.” Happy #FathersDay to all the wonderful dads out there! Where would we be without your #dadjokes?


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It’s going down! Mary Louise vs. Madeline Mackenzie, tonight on @hbo 🌊 🤫 @/" title="BLL2@" class="colorr">#BLL2@ #whoyoucallingshort

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Shoutout to the #beastieboys for fighting the good fight 😂 via @therosepepper

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My Friday mood! What are y’all up to this weekend? #TGIF (📷: @david_bellemere)

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#MyEcoResolution is to continue using sustainable water bottles and limit my plastic consumption every day.♻️ Even though I may not be perfect in my efforts, I’m making the resolution to make positive change to protect the environment. 🌎 What’s your #ecoresolution? I nominate @mindykaling & @jennifer.garner to share theirs!

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This is the kind of energy I need to tackle the rest of the week! 💪 via @hellosunshine


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@draperjames designed a dress after my @biglittlelies character! Colorful, floral, and sassy just like Madeline Mackenzie 😉

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Bringing it back to the`90s! Meet Mia Warren and Elena Richardson. So excited to be shooting @LittleFiresHulu with the incredibly talented @kerrywashington! 🔥🔥🔥 #littlefireseverywhere

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Pull up a chair! Let’s spill some #BLL tea from last night’s premiere ☕️ For the record, I’m 5’2”😉

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It’s back to school for Big Little Lies Season 2, tonight on @hbo!!! #BLL2 🌊