Proper No. Twelve

Proper No. Twelve

@properwhiskey A Proper Irish Whiskey from a Proper Irish Man Must be of legal drinking age to follow Drink Properly • Drink Responsibly #PRPR12 #OneForAll

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We hope you all enjoy World Whiskey Day today. Every day is Proper No. Twelve Day and all summer long! #OneForAll 🥃

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Don’t fight over the bottle, just grab 2 next time #OneForAll


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Thank you Kyle from Breezy Point, NY for your question. Comment with your Question for the Champ Champ 🥃 #OneForAll

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Tag the lads you toast with 🥃 #OneForAll

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Merch is back, back again 🎵 Now available in limited quantities! Swipe up in story or go to to shop Proper Merch. America only for now #OneForAll

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Another tasty take of Questions with the Champ Champ 😋 #OneForAll


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Making proper music nightly #OneForAll

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We're proud to honour the true life heroes. $5 for every case sold (up to $1MM annually) goes to First Responders around the globe. #InternationalFirefightersDay #OneForAll

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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Proper Pickles. Order a Proper Pickleback tonight at your favourite pub. Say that 3 times #OneForAll

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Many ask what’s the meaning behind the name Proper No. Twelve? Listen to the Champ Champ #OneForAll