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Love my Alaskan family ❤️🏀 As much as I love a good forced “thank you, Joooohn” 😂 Have fun out there in Beaverton. Thanks for hooking these kids up @nanggaahlaangstangs Lead the way ✊🏼

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Wishing you well on your next journey @zdar_war Thank you for always pushing us to try harder and to be better. Thank you for bringing us all together from Malibu to Paris and beyond. Thank you for sharing your creativity and love with all of us. Thank you for always being so kind and generous to us. Your personality and talent are traits we can only aspire to. Love and thoughts with Hubert, Mike and family.


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Cannes do will do. Goddamn this part of the world is real pretty. Thanks for showing us a good time France. We owe ya one. Can’t wait to get back and snuggle up with this fucking Juggalo. Photo- you guessed it. @maclayheriot

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Comments closed: We do think this is important, given the moment in time especially considering Gucci and Katy Perry call outs. Where is our indigenous representation? Let us make our issue clear. Appropriation of cultural identity to sell handbags is just wrong. It is not decoration for your storefront. This is not about sensitivity, this is about a people and a history of abuse and exploitation. This is about selling overpriced handbags, this is not an attack on you as Americans, Italians or French this is about maximizing profits and walk up business using a people’s culture as decoration. Plain and simple. Indigenous knowledge is our path to the future. As for us, We didn’t always understand these issues and are far from experts. Please take a moment to consider the generational trauma of the indigenous peoples of your land. Lets do our best to help heal and recognize. Simple manners. Do something to give back to the people @louisvuitton Lastly please, educate but do not feed the trolls. Education is key here. Do not let emotions take over, this should be an open discussion.

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The greats honor the greats. The legendary hard working Roots @theroots Always amazing @blackthought greatest voice in music.

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It’s my birthday and this is my best friend, Little Italy 🙏🏻❤️ Thank you for all the messages 🤪 * @maclayheriot


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We don’t play HORSE we play LILLARD. @jeffbhasker with the impossible shots. Been in the studio with Jeff off and on for the past few months. I’ve never worked with anyone so fun, creative and fearless in our time as a band. Trying a lot of new shit on with this one. Let’s make it count. * @maclayheriot

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Raekwon & Ghostface 1993

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Congratulations to fellow Alaskan @quinnchristopherson on winning the @tinydesk competition. He submitted a performance of “Erase Me” that is nothing short of incredible. His music and his story are worth your time. He is doing a short tour that you should see. June 11: Seattle @ KEXP Gathering Space June 13: Los Angeles @ Lodge Room Highland Park June 19: Austin @ 3TEN City Limits Live June 25: NYC @ Baby's All Right PHOTOS @jovell x @ashadamsphoto

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We made a shirt to honor Chris Black. Chris loved his JDILLA CHANGED MY LIFE shirt. He wore it non-stop. Chris was a master of nicknames and word puns so in what we all know Chris would of loved we made this shirt. Swipe right to see it. The back is a selection of his most notorious nicknames, twitter handles and titles he gave himself. If you’re in la and going to be at the services DM us or @vincenthaycock to get one. Info in the swipe Proud of our family and friends that have rallied and will continue to rally around the loss of this great man. Huge thanks to @misplacedscreenprinting for turning this around so fast. Appreciate you all

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A few years ago a cool British rockstar told me musicians should never wear short-pants or ball caps. Me: every show since