@portugaltheman NUMBER ONE IN THE HOOD, G!! πŸ”₯ THE LORDS OF PORTLAND THE 907 x THE 503

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New promo photos turned out great, fam! βœ‹πŸΌπŸ€‘πŸ€šπŸΌ

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Congratulations @peggyflanagan (White Earth Band of Ojibwe) the first Native Woman Elected Lt. Governor in the US, and Congratulations Governor Tim Walz in Minnesota, Quyana, Miigwech, Thank you for your respect for Native Peoples


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From Standing Rock to Wet'suwet'en Territory Corporations use Police to run over Hereditary Chiefs and peaceful tribal members and supporters. Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, Westward Expansion, and today's Global Headquarters, statecraft, religious and capitalist expansion has always factored Native blood as fair trade. Reconciliation is meaningless when you hold Press events to praise Native survival of brutal government while police and soldiers brutally raid Unceded Territory for an energy pipeline company.

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Insa always doing something beautifully innovative πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @insa_gram Dude is amazing

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This was our last show of 2018 with our Alaskan family and why we do what we do #alaska β€’ photo x @maclayheriot

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In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkeys - best opening line of all time. @beck PHOTO x @maclayheriot

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Riding the @chipotle float at the Rose Bowl Parade


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Happy Birthday to the 90’s guy @jasonsechrist Unbelievable drummer, glue to this band and an absolute (lovable) lunatic. PHOTO X @maclayheriot

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On this day December 29th, marks a sad day in history for our Lakota families, the day of the Wounded Knee Massacre. When our relatives were force camped at the Wounded Knee Creek. Many were sick, many were hungry and many didnt have warm clothes to dress in and were on foot. A handful of warriors with many children, women and elders to watch after. In USA History this is a great battle in retribution of the Greasy Grass. This is referred to as a battle and we Lakota refer to as a massacre. While the USA refers to the Little Big Horn as a massacre. In both battles Lakota men ranging from age 11 to elder men fought to protect families, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, nieces and children. The portrait painted by the Govermment has the scenes filled with gallant military men fighting savages but in truth it was an honorable people that fought to protect a beautiful way of life. A life thats all been destroyed, a life that would never allow for us to turn a blind eye to wrong doing, dishonesty, addiction our very own women and children. A way of life and laws that protected our future, in a buffalo circle, the women and children in the center, the sacred hoop, the sacred tree. The values were carried upheld to a high standard and a goal by each with support in guidance from family, elders and leaders. A pedigree doesnt make us Lakota the blood quantum is a Government thing used for one purpose to terminate our blood lines and get out of the promises of the treaties. Shouldn't hate each other, there is an honorable way of being, in each encounter in your life WoLakota can positively impact your life. I'm saying this because if we cease to exists by willingly accept what we were born into, then our families would of died for nothing at the Wouned Knee. Let's remember them and honor all they have done, by living a Lakota life. Pilamiya my relatives, I have nothing but love for you all, be strong. Today we begin the Wounded Knee Run, back to Takini, a run we will always do UNTIL THE Congressional MEDALS of HONOR awarded at the Wounded Knee are RESCINDED. Mitakuye Oyasin! - written by Joseph Brings Plenty Sr. Quyana for the words and remembrance

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Yesterday marks when 38 Dakota and Lakota were sentenced to hang in 1862 in MN by President Lincoln. After the the desperate 'Dakota Uprising' (when the Dakota and Lakota were forced into the Sioux camp in MN and were starving, so they hunted off the camp) this is when people starting howling 'Off the Reservation!' except in the late 1800's that meant a death sentence. Whites and the Army fought the Dakota and made them pay for trying to be and hunt in their original Homelands in Minnesota, then those not hung were sent to Army jail in Iowa (where most died) and the remaining camp members were marched and removed to the Dakotas . .. one of my lawyer friends in DC is descendant of one of the Dakota Uprising leaders, Chief Little Crow, who - with the other hung warriors - was with dug up and dismembered and body parts passed around for keepsakes .. Descendants commemorate by doing a 'Honor Ride' riding horses from the Dakotas to Mankato for 30 years now ... Minnesota made Mankato Commemorative Spoons in the late 1800's of the gallows and hanging bodies .. MAGA. Thank you for sharing this with us @aqissparck via Josey Tenorio Tewa