Pande I Nym Surya Swardityaa

Pande I Nym Surya Swardityaa

@pandeswardityaa Faculty of Letters '13 Bali, Indonesia

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105    3    6 days ago

Did you happy? Being a demon for some, angel for others #dontscrollright

104    3    10 days ago

Expect nothing and appreciate everything #naturevibes🍃


116    11    11 days ago

Be nice bro. Jangan ngumpetin sendal!

117    9    12 days ago

Liaison Officers' for Fourth Intergovermental Review Meeting at Inaya Putri Bali #latepost #liaisonofficers #coordinator

101    14    2 months ago

Percayalah kalo jaketnya itu warna hijau #night #camp #blurry 📸: @dedysumantra

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Take time to do what makes your soul happy #sanurfreebasketball

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Sometimes only calmness can help you for facing a bitter side of life ☯️ 📸: @gedewahyudi


110    13    3 months ago

Setelah sekian lama memperdebatkan teori -0, akhirnya kami bangga kamu lulus sidang juga ✌

102    8    3 months ago

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the 7th Bali Process Ministerial Conference (BPMC) at Bali International Convention Center on August 6-7, 2018. The 7th BPMC was attended by 26 Ministers/Ministerial level of officials. This conference was organized by Melali MICE.

101    11    3 months ago

Being punished for something you did not do. Or being an innocent victim. It’s just something that I never want to experience.