Pande I Nym Surya Swardityaa

Pande I Nym Surya Swardityaa

@pandeswardityaa Faculty of Letters '13 Bali, Indonesia

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If it doesn't open its not ur door. You gotta find your own and do not broke someone's door please ❎

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Looking at the ferris wheel always remind me about the novel entitled Divergent. How the main character (Tris) showed up her courage by climbing the ferris wheel to see whole city. . . . dont ask me to climb it 🀞


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However rough this life, always remember don't throw away trash to the river~

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We have been waiting to made this kind of photos. With all of us officially graduated and finished our study. Unfurtunately time did not excuse us to finish at the same time. But we are happy now that we are not await to took photos on next year #since2007

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Did you happy? Being a demon for some, angel for others #dontscrollright