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Photo by @michaelmelford | Two Amish girls under a cloud-filled sky with bushels of tomatoes pose in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. #Amish #Pennsylvania #Organic

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Photo by @chamiltonjames | A pet saddleback tamarin hangs on tight to a Matsigenka girl as she swims in the Yomibato River. #Peru #ManuNationalPark


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Photo by @beverlyjoubert | A close portrait of a leopard native to the Okavango Delta, Botswana. #Leopard #OkavangoDelta #Wildlife

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Photo by @cookjenshel | Wildflowers bloom on a hill near the dome of Mount Saint Helens, Washington. #Wildflowers #Landscape #Nature

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What's your favorite photo? Check out what caught our eye in this week's selection of #WhatWeLiked from the Image Collection editors | #WhiteLion by @kaigner | #Iceberg by @ronan_donovan | #Fossa by @kikeo | #Mumflowers by @yamashitaphoto

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National Geographic founder Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel hold hands at the water's edge in Sable Island, Nova Scotia. This image was published in the September 1965 magazine. #ThrowBackThursday #AlexanderGrahamBell #NovaScotia

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Photo by Franklin Price Knott | The Taj Mahal is an iconic monument of love built in Agra, India. This image was originally published in the September 1916 magazine. #TajMahal #ThrowBackThursday #India


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Photo by @haarbergphoto | A red fox sits in front of the window of a mountain cabin in Vauldalen, Norway. This image is available as a limited-edition fine art print at any of the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries. Visit @natgeofineart to learn more. #RedFox #Norway #FineArt

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Photo by @cristinamittermeier | A portrait of a highlands warrior from Papua New Guinea with face paint and a cowry shell nose ring. #PapuaNewGuinea #Portrait #Warrior

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Photo by @salvarezphoto | Spelunkers descend through Mystery Falls, Tennessee. At 281 feet, Mystery Falls is the deepest pit in Tennessee. #Caves #Tennessee #Spelunking

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Photo by @tbfrost | A male gelada displays its teeth and gums with its lip flipped back at the Guassa Community Conservation Area. Gelada monkeys live only in the high mountain meadows of Ethiopia. #Gelada #Ethiopia #Monkeys

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Photo by @amytoensing | Scientists prepare to excavate megafauna bones found in Dead End Den Cave, Tasmania. #InternationalDayOfWomenAndGirlsInScience #Science #Exploration #Women