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National Geographic is BACK at Yellowstone! Tune in to Yellowstone Live on Nat Geo through Wednesday at 9pm ET / 6pm PT and watch this iconic national park come to life after a long, hard winter. We’re also offering a FREE three-night stay at the Lone Mountain Ranch, a National Geographic Unique Lodge in Big Sky, Montana—enter now for a chance to WIN! Photo by @lonemountainranch #YellowstoneLive

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Photo @jasonedwardsng It’s that time of year in the Southern Hemisphere. The long dry summer flowed into a warm and dawn-out Autumn, but now the chill has arrived. The days are waning and the light is becoming thinner, however the colours when you can find them are staggering. . Please join me @jasonedwardsng. . #natgeoexpeditions #jasonedwardsng #autumn🍁 #newzealand


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Photo by @mikelibecki Happy Summer Solstice! A rare and beautiful fog bow, sometimes called a white rainbow, gracing us with its presence somewhere off the coast of East Greenland. #natgeoexpeditions

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Photo by NatGeo Explorer @sandesh_kadur This is a recent image of the famous tree-climbing lion pride in Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Although a bit clumsy getting up and down trees, lions in various places seem to be making themselves at home on tree-tops, something that NatGeo Explorer @alexbraczkowski has studied in great length with his pride of lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. #natgeoexpeditions

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Photo by @gianlucacolla. The Sahara desert, land of many unwritten stories, land of centuries of difficult trades among Africa, land of hardship and limits, forces us to think and move at a slower pace and when the heat of the day slowly and slightly fades away, reveal itself in all of it majestic beauty. #natgeoexpeditions #saharadesert

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Post by @mikelibecki Happy Father’s Day! Here is a short vid from a wonderful dad-daughter expedition to Antarctica aboard the #natgeoexplorer with @lindbladexp, @natgeoexpeditions and my daughter @lilliana_libecki. The time is now! Why ration passion? Vid by @tjtriage Drone footage by @ianjstrachan #natgeoexpeditions #lindbladexpeditions


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Photo @jasonedwardsng Dawn pierces the desert horizon, transforming the Aboriginal sacred site Uluru into a silhouette. The vast outback sky dwarfs the giant inselberg making it appear small in the landscape. . Please join me @jasonedwardsng. . #natgeoexpeditions #jasonedwardsng #uluru #australia #outback

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Photo by @mikelibecki I imagine this walrus saying something like this... “Yo! I just sucked several thousand clams out of their shells, prob about a hundred plus pounds of them, gonna to take a nap and do it again later...” #WalrusLife in Svalbard on board the #natgeoexplorer with @lindbladexp @natgeoexpeditions @lilliana_libecki #lindbladexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions

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Photos by @mikelibecki and @lilliana_libecki One of the special and unique things about Svalbard are the reindeer/caribou. They are curious and playful, and don’t have any predators that threaten them. Even polar bears are not a threat as they can easily out-run/maneuver them. What a joy to see these young, beautiful animals in the wild while on an expedition aboard the #natgeoexplorer with @lindbladexp and @natgeoexpeditions. #natgeoexpeditions #lindbladexpeditions

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Photo by @mikelibecki The magic, power and beauty of the Arctic never ceases to amaze. Of course, the wildlife is always incredible, yet getting intimate with the glaciers, icebergs and the frozen landscape gives us of a small glimpse of a chapter in eternity, to try and fathom the formation and changes to our planet, specifically glaciers for tens of millions of years. Here a group from the #natgeoexplorer ship gets up close and personal. Another incredible journey/exploration with @lindbladexp and @natgeoexpeditions in Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic. So grateful to be here with my daughter @lilliana_libecki, stay tuned for more moments from this trip. Gratitude for all. #natgeoexpeditions #lindbladexpeditions

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photo by @susanseubert // icebergs stranded on the beach in Leconte Bay, Alaska. Photographed #onassignment in #Alaska #iceberg Follow @susanseubert for more!