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Photo by @TimLaman. Hello from Antarctica! We had a wonderful visit to the Adelie Penguin colony on Paulet Island in the Weddell Sea during a snowstorm. Of course the penguins were unfazed by the weather, and were commuting between feeding in the ocean and their nesting sites way up on the rocky hillsides. So fun to watch and photograph these amazing birds up close. Note the pinkish undersides of this bird’s wing. That means this penguin is getting hot from all its hiking and is sending blood near the surface of its skin. That’s how they cool down on a warmish Antarctic day that was barely below freezing. On expedition with #natgeoexpeditions. #adeliepenguin


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Photo by @TimLaman. Greetings from the bridge of the National Geographic Explorer, as First Officer Yuri pilots the ship through the Antarctic waters of the Gerlache Strait, dodging small icebergs as he goes. I really enjoy the “open bridge” policy on these #natgeoexpeditions that allow guests to hang out on the bridge and learn and experience all that goes into navigating a ship through such waters. See more coverage from this expedition by following me @TimLaman. #Antarctica, #iceberg

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Photo by NatGeo explorer/filmmaker @sandesh_kadur ・・・ The African wild dog - Lycaon pictus - one of those animals I’ve always wanted to watch... and did we get to watch them or what?! In two days we saw them attacking hyenas, eating imapalas, stalking, hunting, sleeping, playing! Simply amazing experience with these beautiful canids. Classified as endangered in 2016, the wild dog has lost a lot of habitat and their numbers are down to about 6600. More info from wiki: The species was first described scientifically in 1820 by Coenraad Temminck, after having examined a specimen taken from the coast of Mozambique. He named the animal Hyaena picta, erroneously classifying it as a species of hyena. It was later recognised as a canid by Joshua Brookes in 1827, and renamed Lycaon tricolor. The root word of Lycaon is the Greek λυκαίος (lykaios), meaning "wolf-like". The specific epithet pictus (Latin for "painted"), which derived from the original picta, was later returned to it, in conformity with the International Rules on Taxonomic Nomenclature. The English language has several names for Lycaon pictus, including painted lycaon, African wild dog, African hunting dog, Cape hunting dog, painted dog, ornate wolf and painted wolf. The latter name is being promoted by some conservationists as a way of rebranding the species, as "wild dog" has several negative connotations that could be detrimental to its image Nevertheless, the name "African wild dog" is still widely used.

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Photo @jasonedwardsng The ancient oxide domes of Kata Tjuta rise above the desert plain in Australia’s arid heart. Sunset falls across their sandstone faces igniting the ‘reds’ outback Australia is famous for. One of the wonders experienced on our Australia-New Zealand Private Jet Expedition. . @natgeoexpeditions jasonedwardsng @natgeoexpeditions

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Photo @jasonedwardsng When we explore French Polynesia it’s important to find time to sit in the shade and pat the local pooch. Our days are filled with wonder and knowledge but it’s important to relax, after all it’s National Geographic Expeditions and its what we do so well. . @natgeoexpeditions #jasonedwardsng #frenchpolynesia #natgeoexpeditions #relax

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One of the top highlights on the NatGeo #africabyprivatejet expedition is no doubt the gorilla experience in Volcans National Park in Rwanda. The trek up, the intimacy of the experience, the climate, the nettles, the look in the gorillas eyes’, the playful youngsters, all make it a truly unforgettable experience! Photo @sandesh_kadur


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Photo by @alisonwrightphoto. In anticipation of my upcoming National Geographic Photo Expedition to #Tibet and #Nepal from November 3-17, 2019 I’m featuring some of the interesting #head gear worn by the #nomads, especially useful when it comes to keeping #warm. From my book, “Human Tribe.” #natgeoexpeditions #humantribe #photography #expedition #workshop

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Photo by NatGeo explorer/filmmaker @sandesh_kadur on expedition currently in the Okavango Delta. We observed an amazing interaction with a pack of 12 African wild dogs or painted dogs/wolves as they are also commonly known as. The hyenas just don’t let the pack eat in piece always around to steal a morsel or sometimes the whole kill. Little wonder why the dogs get some upset with them and show the hyenas that they are not happy! #mammalwatching

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Photo by @charles808. The agility of gibbons and the speed that they move through the canopy is one of the more impressive things to see in nature. #natgeoexpeditions #borneo

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Photo by @timlaman. Iceberg split level view, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica. One of the highlights of visiting Antarctica is getting to see all the incredible variety of forms that ice takes. This is a small iceberg with multiple mushroom-like projections above water and a larger base below. Photographed on expedition with #natgeoexpeditions. #iceberg #antarctica

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Photo by @susanseubert. Pictured here is a group of Emperor Penguins on the fast ice in the Weddell Sea, off of the coast of Antarctica. These birds are the tallest and heaviest species of penguin. #natgeoexpeditions #emperorpenguin #antarctica