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Phot by @alex_krowiak. We’ve been having some incredible close encounters with gray whales in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, on the National Geographic Sea Bird.

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Video by @kikeo. Kayaking in Peru’s upper Amazon will easily put you in awe of this massive jungle. #natgeoexpeditions #peruvianamazon #peru


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Photo by @footloosefotography. The National Geographic Explorer arrived into glorious #Ushuaia. #natgeoexpeditions

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Photo by @erikalarsen888 //NatGeo Explorer // I feel most at home in Arctic where I have had the opportunity to encounter a world full of gems. This past summer I accompanied a National Geographic Expedition to Svalbard. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole and one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas known for remote terrain of glaciers and polar bears, reindeer and Arctic foxes. #Land Of The Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration Of Arctic Svalbard #natgeoexpeditions

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@jaydickmanphoto Recently in Tanzania,visiting both Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti on the “Tanzania Photo Safari” for National Geographic. Worked with the incredible Andrew and Sandy from “andBeyond”. Here, while doing a crossing of the Grumeti River, saw this croc waiting patiently for anything flowing by it in the fast waters of the Grumeti. A slow exposure hopefully gives the photo a feel for the rushing water of the river. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions @natgeocreattive @thephotosociety

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Photo by @jeffmauritzen. A stunning rainbow over the harbor at Grytviken, South Georgia Island. What was once a site of horrific whaling and sealing is now home to a museum and historic site. The fur seals that were brought to the brink of extinction, have made one of the most stunning comebacks and currently number in the millions. For more photos from our in progress #natgeoexpeditions trip through South Georgia and the Falklands, please follow me @jeffmauritzen.

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Photo by @jimrichardsonng. Wild dramatic weather over Shetland was perfect for the our stop at Broch of Mousa, lending drama to the finest Iron Age round tower house in the British Islands. More than 500 of them dotted the coast 2,000 years ago, so similar in construction that some suspect itinerant companies of Broch builders traveled these isles. (Fans of the Shetland mystery series might be surprised that author Ann Cleeves never contrived to incorporate the Broch in her books.) I look forward to going back in a couple of months aboard the National Geographic Explorer (seen here anchored off the coast) on our Ancient Isles cruise. @natgeo #scotland #shetland #island


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Photo by @melissafarlow | Early morning fog creates a peaceful monochrome palette on the Aran Islands. We hiked across Inisheer to see a shipwreck while on a student expedition in Ireland. On St. Patrick’s Day-great memories of an inspiring, magical place. @natgeo @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection #studentexpeditions #aranislands #ireland

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Photo by @sandesh_kadur //NatGeo Explorer // The sun rises above the low-lying clouds of the coastal plain stretching 100 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. # # Shot from the look-out at Rancho Del Cielo - I’ve seen some of the most magical sunrises from here. In ten minutes the surface above the clouds heats up and the clouds rise obscuring the sun and as you sit at the edge of the escarpment, the cool moist clouds, gush onto the ledge, sucked in by the cloud-forest. This phenomenon is what creates the northernmost cloud forest in the Americas at El Cielo in North-eastern Mexico. #felisimages #biospherereserve #elcielo #ranchodelcielo #cloudforests

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Video by @abrittenham. A Green Sea Turtle swimming off Fernandina Island in the Galapagos. #galapagos #natgeostaff #seaturtle

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Photo @jasonedwardsng New Zealand is a staggeringly beautiful country. The people, the landscapes, the food and wine; it is impossible not to fall in love with everything this small nation has to offer. The people make you welcome and they make you smile. Today they are hurting. We love our Kiwi family and know that their strength will carry them on. I simply cannot wait to be back in New Zealand with National Geographic Expeditions in the coming weeks. @jasonedwardsng . @natgeoexpeditions #jasonedwardsng #natgeoexpeditions

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Photo by @KristaRossow | Last year I left summer in the Northern Hemisphere to meet up with a High School Expedition in New Zealand's winter. On our way to Mount Cook, we stopped to take in this stunning mountain view from Lake Pukaki. Thanks for traveling along with me #onassignment in celebration of #womenshistorymonth. For more images from around the globe, follow me @KristaRossow. #natgeostudentexpeditions #NewZealand