Meowed by 9GAG

Meowed by 9GAG

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You are one good looking cat. I ain't mad at ya 😼 πŸ“·@903kitkit #meowed #curiouskitty #δΈ€ζ—₯一威廉


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Balam channels a chain saw. There’s no other meow like this one.... πŸ“Ή@balam_says #meowed #Orientalshorthair #conversationswithbalam #talkingcat #chainsaw #volumeup #soundon #πŸ”Š

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When Dad puts just a bit of extra tuna with cheddar in with your breakfast and it makes you jump for joy. πŸ“Ή@orangeisthenewblackandtan *Note: For those new friends who don't know Phin very well yet, he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This means that the part of his brain that coordinates movement never fully developed. He's not in any pain, and he won't get worse over time, though there also aren't any treatments that would help him. He adapts to his condition by walking with his paws a bit wider, leaning against the wall for support, and using claws to climb up and down things. Phin is a very happy kitty who loves playing with his siblings (Tyrion, the bigger cat, and Holly, a dog), eating meals and treats, and cuddling with his parents. #meowed #gingerkitty #adoptedcat #drunkensailorcats #adoptaspecialneedspet #adoptdontshop


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Best party ever 😺😺 Can you invite meow next time @mia_therealcat πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Tag #meowedbirthday and let us celebrate with you #meowed #meowedbirthday #tabby #happybirthday #πŸŽ‰