Marcia Alexis

Marcia Alexis

@marciaalexis Suck my cockiness! #Guyanese-born and raised #🇬🇾 Now #Atlanta. I live my life & I love it; have a glimpse. #livelovelaugh #crossfit #lifting

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I got, I got, I got, I got #Loyalty, got #royalty inside my #DNA (shout out to #kendricklamar for the inspiration) ___________ Literally couldn't wouldn't be here without the folks... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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#Repost @vice (@get_repost) #truth ・・・ We asked millennials why young people are having less sex. 😮 Link in bio, via @vicecanada.


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Constant. State. Of. Rage. And lately with all the news is only been getting worse. Constantly need to be reminding myself, to breathe, to be rational, to be calm. #angry #blacklivesmatter #loveislove #transrightsarehumanrights #leadwithlove #qotd #jamesbaldwin #jamesbaldwinquote

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I ain't scared. In fact I'm more driven, more motivated. #iaintscared #getoutthevote #vote #voteorshutup Listen to a living legend! #votethemout #Repost @blavity (@get_repost) @repmaxinewaters ・・・ Blavity fam, your #WednesdayWisdom this week is brought to you by @repmaxinewaters. Check out this video to see what Auntie Maxine had to say about the bomb threats that targeted her earlier today and be sure to check out the link in bio on our @BlavityPolitics page for the full video. Drop a ✊🏾 if you ain’t scared either! #reclamingmytime #2018midterms #gotv #MakeAmericaRight #IAintScared

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I am very proud of my culture, and my heritage. Since I've been in the States (and not New York) it's been difficult to express my Indian side and be taken seriously, because everyone sees a black girl. But I'm also a #browngirl and proud of it! #Guyana #gtmassive #🇬🇾 #Repost @browngirlmag (@get_repost) ・・・ “Guyana and Trinidad not only rank number 6 and 8 on the list of total foreign born immigrants living in New York City but also rank as the top two countries in the Caribbean with Indo-caribbean populations. Even so, we are often grouped together with the South Asian demographic both in terms of statistical identification and cultural normalities. It is important to note that though some Indo-caribbeans choose to identify as South Asian to reduce complications, our culture is vastly different and our history branched off of whatever homeland we originated from many years ago. • Instead, our past is carved from ancestors of ‘indentured servants’— a fancy name for slavery that allowed it's cruel nature to be continued after its abolishment in the U.K. Laborers worked on plantations picking cotton or sugarcane. The first set of ‘servants’ arrived in Guyana in 1838 then eventually spreading to places like Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean. Jamaica was the first Caribbean country to gain independence from the British in 1962 and the others followed in the later years of the 20th century. Our ancestors have only recently been freed from oppressive colony regimes and have looked to one another to patch together pieces of their past as well as build a future in their new lands. CARICOM (Caribbean Community) unites the Caribbean in terms of economic expansion and is located in Georgetown, Guyana. What unites us culturally though is our clothing, food, and love of calypso.”— @shayshotz 💃🏽💃🏽 • make-up/hair by: @safina.khann | wardrobe & creative direction: @shayshotz#browngirlmag #beingBG #browngirl