Malú 🦋

Malú 🦋

@malutrevejo 🧿🦄ӏíҍɾɑ • 16💜 Management: [email protected] Cuban & Española☁️ // #MaluCTMQ 💎🎼

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Behind the scenes for Malu Trevejo’s Como Tu Me Quieres music video directed by Michael Garcia. #MaluCTMQ


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Take the risk or lose the chance ‘ @fashionnova

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I’m all you need ❣️

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Your battery percent are the chances for you to meet me , how much battery do you have? 😝


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Love yourself bc nobody will for you 💜 @fashionnova

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In the darkness y’all the light 💜

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I never chase I replace Remember that @fashionnova

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Everybody go do dance to #ctmq 💕😏 ill be reposting #triller